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The team was frustrated in the first half of last season, and one of Andretti Autosport’s recent strengths, street racing, exacerbated the problem and resulted in a canned COVID-19 pandemic. However, Michael Andretti’s team caught up, winning against Colton Herta in Mid-Ohio and being many pacesetters in the finale in St. Petersburg.

Hinchcliffe, who ran six races for the team last year Today was confirmed as a full timer this season, Andretti Autosport sounded bullish and confident that it could resume from where it left off.

“It’s no secret that we struggled a bit in the first half of last year, but in the second half of the season the team was really strong and the car was really competitive,” said the 34-year-old player. A Canadian who raced for AA between 2012 and 2014. “That’s why I think it gave me a lot of positive momentum into the off-season.

“There’s nothing to prevent you from running up to the right from the drop of the green flag in the barber shop. Podium, race wins … with a decent shot of the championship with three or four rounds left, there I want to see all the cars …

“I think much of last year’s experience translates well. I don’t think anyone should start behind the eight-ball. I think we should be right there.”

Hinchcliffe was unable to participate in the team’s Sebring test last week due to a delay in confirming this ride, Marco Andretti-turning to part-time this season – # 29 I swung the car down. However, Hinchcliffe has enough overlap between his driving style and the driving style of his full-time teammates Alexander Rossi, Colton Herta and Ryan Hunter-Reay, and what works for them is him. I believe I can also work for.

“For me, Andretti camp certainly had some differences. This is the general philosophy of cars in certain elements,” he said. “So the first few races on the road course took some time to get used to it.

“But we got there, and certainly by St. Pete all those cars were fast and I was right there with them at Firestone Fast Six. It was for me Colton, Alex, Ryan, and a big indicator that I can drive all very similar cars, will be our big strength this year. “

After seeing Hinchcliffe win three races in the team in 2013 and finish fourth in the title race, Michael Andretti agreed that the Sebring test would move the entire team forward and Hinchcliffe would benefit.

“When testing, we’re testing the basics, not just whether they fit the driver’s style,” he commented. “It’s like a team-wide test, and I think we’ve learned a lot from the test, and what we’ve learned is not just from Marco in James’ car, but from other drivers as well. It should definitely lead to a better car for James.

He added: “It’s great that James is back. He’s very fast. He’s really helped in the development of the car.

“Also, he goes very well with all the other teammates. This is an important factor if you have a team of our size. We make sure that all the personalities work together. Must. James fits perfectly with anyone like a glove. So yeah, it’s really great to get him back. “

Hinchcliffe also seems to have shrugged off the concern that the introduction of aeroscreens in 2020 has made him considerably less experienced in changing weight distribution.

“Once again, it demonstrates the strength of having a team of four,” said Hinchcliffe, a highly respected and experienced Garrett mother seed for race engineers. “Sure, the number of laps may be small, but the data prepared me. I can take all the lessons [the team has] Have learned.

“We developed the setup we needed for each track. Fortunately, it had less impact on the setup than we expected. It helped a bit. With just a few tweaks, we ran last year. You can drive almost the same car as you did.

“I had to lean a little on my teammates and the team. [but] I’m with the best team to do that. “

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Andretti team will be faster from the beginning of the season Andretti team will be faster from the beginning of the season

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