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Andrias Atanasiu will go to the Los Angeles Kings on Monday for a one-year contract with the Hockey Club, which is considered a deal that Forward has left a large amount of money on the table.

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“I think this will be about $ 1.2 million,” Friedman wrote. In 55 games between Detroit Red Wings and Edmonton Oilers last season, Atanasiu scored 11 goals and 15 assists with 26 points.

It’s a good deal for Kings, who are moving forward at bargain prices after leaving Edmonton Oilers at the end of the season, as the Oilers wanted fewer offers than his qualifying offer. Edmonton eventually went in the other direction, and Atanasiu entered the free-agent market and sat there with a team that was willing to spend a lot of money during the tight off-season.

In October, Edmonton Journal’s Kurt Leavins declined to say that when looking at the situation at Atanasiu, many said it was a two-year contract from Edmonton for more than $ 2 million per season. He said it now seems like a potential mistake. That’s still true today, and players may be kicking themselves because they haven’t read much of the market.

Still, this is a player who scored 30 goals in a season a while back. He could turn out to steal Kings at this price.

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Andrias Atanasiu signs with Los Angeles Kings Andrias Atanasiu signs with Los Angeles Kings

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