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Android 12 has its own official dessert name

Google has officially confirmed the sweet codename of Android 12, the latest mobile operating system., And that’s no surprise.

After Android 9 Pie, Google has abandoned the habit of assigning alphabetically-ordered dessert names to the Android version, at least officially.

Internally, that’s another matter.It turns out that last year’s Android 11 was called by the name “”Red velvet cake‘In the corridor of Google HQ.

Now you have Snow Cone, a delicious codename for Android 12. Google’s Vice President of Engineering, Dave Burke, tweeted a big announcement celebrating the launch of Android 12.

Of course, I knew the name would start with an S, XDA-Developer It was also supposed to be a two-word title starting with “SC”. It turns out that these two characters are found throughout the Android 12 source code.

Eliminate the hassle before guessing what the Android 13 codename will look like. Google has already revealed what it is internally referenced: Tiramisu.

The important news of Android 12’s internal codename is now out of the way, so you can focus on minor things, such as the upcoming release. Google Pixel 6 And Pixel 6 Pro.

Google has Just confirmed The launch event will be held on October 19th at 10 am (UK time). In response to the news, Google has launched a quirky interactive microsite with a variety of “moods” that can be shifted using the spacebar.

Android 12 has its own official dessert name Android 12 has its own official dessert name

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