Android Game Headlines and Updates: League of Legends: Wildlift, Pascal’s Betting, PUBG Mobile and more

Christmas is really coming early this year-just a few weeks early. The first half of December is packed with new releases and exciting updates, including the long-awaited League of Legends: Wildlift, a whole new mode of Pascal’s wager, and a massive content drop for the Gwent: The Witcher card game.

Of course, the best thing about Christmas coming early on mobile is that it may never come in the real world. Thank you for everything, Covid.

Check out Saturday’s companion in this article to read about last week’s best new Android games and sales.


There are many interesting takes in the battle royale genre. It takes an overhead perspective and combines elements of RPG and MOBA. Prioritize accessibility over the lightning reflexes needed for games such as Fortnite and PUBG, and use Google Maps data to create the world.

December 10th looks like a big day in the mobile gaming world. In addition to Battlepalooza, there is League of Legends: Wild Rift. This is one of the most anticipated mobile games to date. Wildlift, now in closed beta in some parts of Asia, is the first mobile spin-off of the game kickstarting the MOBA genre.

To combat the number of flagged players, Niantic shot his arm with some tweaks and additions to Pokemon GO. The headline increases the level cap from 40 to 50, chasing new carrots to the hardcore Pokemon Master.

The soul-like Pascal’s Wager, acclaimed by developer Tipsworks, has reached the milestone of 1 million downloads. This is certainly an impressive feat given the hardcore trends and premium pricing. To celebrate, or perhaps by chance, Tipsworks adds a new boss challenge mode. In this mode you can readjust the battle of old bosses for high score glory.

Gwent – ​​the popular CCG that was born as a mini-game in the world-famous The Witcher 3, is getting a bigger drop of content next month. On December 8th, 70 new cards will be added, including dozens of faction cards and 10 neutrals. In addition, there is a new adrenaline system along the way.

Complex is an FMV game about biological weapons attacks in an alternative universe version of London. It features an impressive cast that includes Kate Dickie, who appeared as Lisa Allin in the Game of Thrones – a strange woman who lived in Erie. It boasts a forked Telltale-style story with eight possible endings.

Moonlighter is great. It’s really wonderful. It’s a bit like Stardew Valley, but more beautiful and more mature. Oh, you still can’t play it on your phone. sorry. The game will be available on the App Store this week, but you’ll have to wait for a while before it hits Android. Fortunately, a little research on Twitter confirmed that it would reach the Google Play store someday.


Winter has arrived and it has snowed a lot on PUBG Mobile Lite. The Winter Festival Update includes a festive facelift on the Varenga map, adding both snow and snowboarding capabilities. There is also a new universal marking system that allows teammates to mark the position of enemies.

Meanwhile, in the non-light world of PUBG Mobile, Season 16 Royale Pass has arrived. It consists of an interesting crossover event between the acclaimed PC and console first-person shooter Metro Exodus. This means an eerie and apocalyptic Soviet atmosphere. Cyber ​​Week promotions are also in-game.

Android Gaming Headlines and Updates: League of Legends: Wild Rift, Pascal’s Wager, PUBG Mobile, and More

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