Android Hunter A Out Now on PC

Digiplox Announcing the 2.5D side-scrolling action platformer. Android Hunter A — Released on Steam. Embark on a futuristic adventure to save the cyberpunk-inspired world from the uprising of tyrannical robots. Equipped with a wide variety of weapons, it’s up to you to send a robot.

Android Hunter A The action stirs the itch of those who have been waiting for a new 2.5D adventure. Eight core stages with different environments and boss battles stand in front of the player as the last enemy. So far, players have to master each stage. Jump over the onslaught of enemy fire, ducking and jumping.

For those who want to save the planet in style, there are hundreds of customization options for unlocking. Want to destroy the last boss with the horse mask on? Or you might want to put a lot of balloons on your back. All customization options are available in-game.There are no microtransactions in, so anyone who wants to look terrible ass should work for it Android Hunter A.

Some players may want to embrace a futuristic place in the game along the scenic route to the final boss room. But most like speedruns. To accommodate competitive players Android Hunter A Built-in local and global leaderboards. Players can compete with friends and people around the world for the top spot. Of course, there is also eternal glory.

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Android Hunter A Out Now on PC

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