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Leprosy smiles are a place you can visit Pathfinder: Wrath of Justice During the second act. It is further northeast of your departure point, and your Crusaders must encounter several demons along the way. However, if you can get there, you need to be prepared to face the flock.This is our Pathfinder: Wrath of Justice A guide to help you find the place to smile for leprosy and the secrets that lead to the Rich Mythic Pass and the Golden Dragon Mythic Pass.

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Pathfinder: Wrath of Justice – Leper’s Smile guide — Encounters, loot, mythical paths (rich and golden dragons)

The first time you enter the leprosy smile zone Pathfinder: Wrath of Justice, You will be given a choice as to which character to send out at the pre-party. Things don’t go as planned. Because they will fight hordes of locusts.

There are several walkways in the highlands that you can explore. However, each time you get a unique loot, the pre-party will cost you more. As far as I know, there is no long-term impact on this, and the companion chosen to lead the group will not die.

Anyway, all you have to do is explore the highlands to collect loot (you can see the map above). Also, don’t forget that you are fighting a swarm of insects here. A swarm of insects can directly damage CON.

  • (1) Silky Veil Shirt – +1 evasion bonus to AC. +2 enhancement bonus for unarmed attacks. Only monks.
  • (2) Bard’s Wit Circle – Additional use of the bard’s performance abilities per day.
  • (3) Sharp short spear +2.
  • (4) Naturalist Armor – + 2 Studded Leather Armor. +2 insight bonus against AC vs. plants and pests.
  • (5) Discrimination and Prejudice – You must pass two skill checks (Perception 17 and Athletics 20). You can then heal the injured NPC. If you help him, this companion will actually reappear later in the campaign.

At the northern end of the highlands section is a ritual ring. After a short dialogue, a path leads to an underground cave opens.

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Below is a map of the cave system. There are many important things here:

  • (1) – Incredible dexterity belt – + 2DEX.
  • (2) Birminbain Elf Curve Blade +2, Scrocher Helmet (Quest Item)
  • (3) Longsword +2
  • (4) Voice of Hollow – +2 enhancement. Mithril Heavy Mace; Critical can cause a “Voice of Hollow” AoE debuff (50% chance of enemy being damaged by sound, 50% chance of attacking the nearest creature).
  • (5) Hunter Retriever Enemy – You must use athletics to enter its hideout. Drop the retriever’s claw dagger.
  • (6) Radiant Kukuri +1.

Hansen's Disease of Justice Smile Pathfinder Wrath Golden Dragon Mythical Road Rich Mythical Road Terenderev's Zakarius Claw Wand 1b

Golden Dragon Mythical Path: Terendelev’s Claw Fragment

One of the reasons I visited the place of smile of leprosy Pathfinder: Wrath of Justice Finding the important items needed for a particular mythical path. For example, you can find the Terendelev’s Claw item in a cave system near one of the destroyed wagons (unfortunately it couldn’t be marked on the map). This, along with the Terendelev scale, will need to be passed on to the storyteller later. He then tells you where to find Teredendelev’s hideout, which ultimately leads to the Golden Dragon mythological path.

Rich Mythic Pass: The Calius Wand

For the Rich Mythic Pass, you need to find the Zakarius Wand. It is actually in the northwestern part of the cave. As you pass the monsters, you’ll see some wights led by an undeath named Garkel. If you kill these creatures, they will be resurrected many times.

Your goal is to get the character to reach the glowing icon near the barrel. As you work with it, you will see some dialog options. Do not select the “good” and “bad” options. Instead, just “hide the wand in the bag”.

This item, the Zakarius Wand, is what you will need when you reach the Lost Chapel.You will be able to unlock the Rich Mythic Pass later Pathfinder: Wrath of Justice..

Hansen's Disease of Justice Smile Pathfinder Wrath Golden Dragon Mythical Road Rich Mythical Road Terenderev's Zakarius Claw Wand 2a

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