Angry Birds DLC has been added to Minecraft

Rovio Entertainment, creator of Angry Birds, MojangDeveloper Mine CraftIntroducing the new downloadable Minecraft Adventure World with the famous smartphone game icon. angry birds.. Buy Angry Birds DLC from the Minecraft Marketplace to get both Angry Birds game mode and Angry Birds character skins. Having had Sonic the Hedgehog DLC ​​and Street Fighter costumes, this isn’t the first time Minecraft has collaborated with another franchise. Check out the colorful trailer for the new Minecraft DLC below.

“The DLC developed by Oreville Studios has two bird-like game modes. In classic mode, you can throw birds from a giant slingshot and defeat the wobbling piggy tower, just like in the original Angry Birds game. Mission mode provides the player with four unique environments to explore and challenges the player to rescue members of the Angry Birds herd, including Chuck, Bomb, Stella, etc. When unlocked, Birds are available as playable characters with unique special abilities used against the enemy of the flock of arches, the green piggy. Players can also use golden eggs, including adorable freshly hatched friends. With a total of 6 playable Angry Birds characters, 10 character skins, and 1 Angry Birds Character Creator item, Angry Birds fans will love while exploring and building in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. There are many opportunities to reproduce the character of.


Minecraft now has Angry Birds DLC

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