Animal Crossing: New Horizon-Is It Worth Revisiting?

Everyone played at the beginning of the pandemic Animal Crossing: New Horizons.. My sister, who rarely plays games, has invested heavily in it. All my friends got it and played every day, and of course I did. But then things started to get a little better and everyone broke a limited amount of content (compared to the past). Animal Crossing Game,) Leave many islands full of weeds and abandoned.Next, with the 2.0 update Happy Home Paradise With the announcement of the update, people began to wonder if it was worth revisiting the uninhabited island home. Well, after spending three weeks on a new update, I’m here to answer that question.

The content added in the 2.0 + DLC update ranges from lots of new items to new villagers and craft mechanics. The ability to grow vegetables and use them to make food is already a big addition, as is the ability to fund the entire Mini Main Street of the Herb Island store. So you can go to the mysterious island with Kappei and find new vegetables, plants and gyroids to decorate. You can also drink coffee right now. This is great. Each of these can take a few minutes a day until all of this is summed up and there are lots of new things. It feels great I missed desperately after the first few months. New horizon..

When i play Animal Crossing, I usually have the daily life I do. The routine diminished after a few months at best, but the new one completely cheered up my routine. Every day, I’m excited to have a coffee, check out the mysterious islands, check out new haircuts and art on the island of herbs, and decorate some homes. I noticed that there are many small additions that make things easier, such as Isabel announcing island visitors at the beginning of the day and being able to squeeze in tight spaces.It’s as if fresh air had blown through New horizon, It was always intended to make it a game.

Longtime fans will also be pleased to see some old school NPCs coming back. Tortimer runs a storage service on Harv’s Island, where autumn comes in dresses like Cornimer, where Katrina is fortune-telling.Most days you can also learn new hairstyles from Harriet, making the island of herbs a very nostalgic place. Animal Crossing Purist.I’m glad that Nintendo basically added the main street New leavesYou can buy art, plants, shoes, wallpapers and customize items at any time.

“”If you have enjoyed interior and exterior decoration Animal Crossing, This is an extension for you.“”

NS Happy Home Paradise Expansion is probably the most exciting addition.You basically go to another island where you work for Lotti, and it lets you design villas of all kinds Animal Crossing Villager. As you get closer to fellow workers Nico and Wardell, there’s actually a pretty fun little story that accompanies the expansion.Even if you’re not from, there’s also the real satisfaction of creating your favorite villagers. yours Village, a magnificent second home with whatever items you want. In addition, you can purchase exclusive items using the new currency system, so you can bring back the results of your labor.

The upgrades are well distributed, so you get one or two major upgrades every time some homes are redesigned. This also allows you to go back to your already designed home and make it even better with tools that are frequently added to your repertoire. In one upgrade you can use the walls to cut out part of the room, and in another you can create counters and columns. These may look mediocre, but they really shake the way you decorate.If you have enjoyed interior and exterior decoration Animal Crossing, This is an extension for you.

So is it worth revisiting your old island escape? I will definitely say it. There’s a lot more to do around the island without getting the DLC (I highly recommend it). There are new friends to make, food to cook, and projects to fund, and it’s without jumping into home decor.There’s never been a better time to play New horizon, And since this was the last major update of the game, this could be as spectacular as it’s trying to get.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Worth Revisiting?

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