Animal Crossing: New Horizon that dominated Tumblr in 2020

Animal Crossing: In 2020, New Horizons players dominated Tumblr. The small town simulator with animals surpassed the overall list of video games and the trendiest topics, and surpassed all other topics on the website.

Fans of the series flooded Tumblr with posts about original artwork, memes, and favorite villagers. Some people are using the platform to extend the relationships with their favorite in-game characters such as Flick and CJ. Others have made simple jokes about memorable in-game moments.

Flick & CJ.Creto: Chisin Ricin

Raymond, Marshall, Poppy, and Fauna appeared as the most popular Animal Crossing villagers, and everyone’s favorite raccoon landlord, Tom Nook, was the third most popular video game character. He was more popular than Cloud Strife, Arthur Morgan and Link on Tumblr.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was launched in March and quickly became one of the most popular games of the year due to the pandemic’s global stay-at-home order. Players have demonstrated their creativity by recreating Disneyland, the office, and even their own Mario Party game board. Joe Biden’s presidential election has also begun.

Animal Crossing has replaced birthdays, weddings, and other meaningful events, but it has also been an easy way to escape the onslaught of bad news in 2020.

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