Animal Crossing: New Horizons Sanrio Crossover Launches March 26th

OK, Nintendo announced in January that it would re-release the Sanrio and Animal Crossing crossover pack, but the company just announced it. exactly How good is the card?Nintendo posted a two-minute video on Twitter and YouTube on Thursday showing all the new additions that Sanrio Card brings. Animal Crossing: New Horizons..

“Get ready to discover new inhabitants, styles and items inspired by your adorable Sanrio friends, from Hello Kitty, My Melody to Keroppi,” Nintendo tweeted from Animal Crossing’s account.

All six cards will be combined into one pack and will be available at Target starting March 26th. If you like the items in the video above and the look of the village, you’ll want to move quickly. The collection looks incredible, with new character-themed items and costumes added.

Lira, Marty, Etoile, Chai, Chelsea, Toby all before Animals crossing new leaves, Via the dedicated Sanrio Crossover Pack. Scanning those cards on Herb Island just added a Sanrio poster to the game. The poster is very cute, but nothing compared to the new items that came with the card. In short, Sanrio’s Keroppi-based Toby has a Japanese garden-style bridge with water flowing through the house.

Image: Nintendo EPD / Nintendo

The· New horizon The Sanrio collaboration pack is priced at $ 5.99.

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