Animal Crossing: New Horizons Toy Day Guide-Tutorials and Rewards

Toy day Animal Crossing: New HorizonsA gift-giving winter vacation version featuring a fun reindeer named Jingle.

He will appear in front of your resident service building on December 24th and ask for help.When you talk to him, he will give you a recipe Celebration wrapping paper, And you demand that he be three. To make one festive wrapping paper, you will need one of each color of decoration that can be found by shaking the pine tree.

When you give him three festive wrapping papers, he gives you a magic bag to deliver the present.He will also give you Toy day stockings, You can hang it on the wall of your home.

With a magic sack equipped like a tool, you can talk to the villagers and deliver gifts. You don’t have to choose gifts based on their personality etc., you just have to talk to them and hand them the goods. Deliver gifts to half of the residents to get DIY recipes. Gift pile..Delivering gifts to all villagers rewards you Toy sledge Furniture item.

Don’t forget to cut the toy day stockings at your home.That way you can get it interacting with the stockings Jingle photo December 25th. What a kind gift from a black-nosed reindeer!

Once all the gifts have been delivered to the jingle, you can also hand the items together to the villagers. In exchange, they will give you a present. Gifts will be randomly selected from the toys sold by Nook’s Cranny in December, so if you miss a purchase, one of the villagers may give you a gift for Toy Day.

Jingle photos, Toy Day Stockings, Toy Day Sled, Festive Wrapping Paper and Gift Pile DIY recipes are all event-only items available from Toy Day. If you’re wondering where to get winter and holiday-themed items you’ve seen elsewhere, you’re looking for recipes that you can get from snowboys and balloons during the winter.

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