Animal Crossing New Horizons update comes with save transfer this week

Animal Crossing: New Horizons-Thanksgiving under another name (Photo: Nintendo)

Nintendo outlined their plans The next few months will be Animal Crossing, but nothing has been said about Brewster yet.

Recently, the Animal Crossing front has become a bit quieter, but Nintendo has released a video detailing the next update. This includes all season celebrations and many new features.

The free update will be released on Thursday, November 19th and will include the long-awaited feature of transferring the island to another Nintendo Switch. This is essential when buying a new console.

Save Transfer also allows you to move the player to their own copy of the game if the player starts playing as a guest but later gets their own switch. Therefore, the player does not have to start over.

The update also celebrates the expected season on “Turkey Day” on November 26th. It seems that all the pumpkins raised for Halloween need to be used up.

Celebration matches the actual event, but usually with a different name, so Christmas Eve is a “toy day”, a function that gives people the president, what is a blatant Christmas tree, to “Santa” Includes mention.

And finally December 31st is New Year’s Eve. After debuting on New Year’s Eve earlier this year, fireworks will be launched again.

Many other new features have been added at unspecified times, probably this Thursday, and include new hairstyles. New reactions such as sitting and waving. And the ability to expand the storage of your home (definitely due to the charges from Tom Nook).

The end of the video suggests that the peacock pavé will be the first update of the new year. This could mean a festival event in February or March-equivalent to Mardi Gras in Animal Crossing.

But what’s surprising is that even though the game itself seemed to make fun of his arrival in April, there’s still no hint of Dove and his cafe Brewster.

It’s unclear if it was delayed by the coronavirus, but it seems strange that it hasn’t appeared yet.

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New Animal Crossing: New Horizons update is this week, includes save transfer

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