Animal Crossing players are doing trick or treat at home for Halloween

Animal Crossing: The New Horizons Halloween event is just around the corner, but some players are creating their own. It’s not safe to go home-to-home in real life, so they use Animal Crossing as a trick-or-treat method.

Players have already turned the island into a haunted house and used the new skin tones from the fall update to create elaborate outfits, so it’s no wonder to look at the game instead of trick or treat. Some players simply plan to open the gate to accept people, while others have started the Discord server to organize a wider community event.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Halloween Costume

The Animal Crossing Halloween event will take place on October 31st from 5pm to 12am. Players can give candies to villagers and special visitors Jack and receive in-game rewards. Other players can visit your friend’s island and participate in the event, just like summer fireworks.

Some players are thinking of playing creative mini-games and scavenger hunts while they have friends on Halloween night. One game is called Trick or Treat Roulette, where players can turn the wheel to determine what to dig. “These are the rules to use if someone is interested. I’ve filled in 4 expensive / rare items and 4 gag / garbage items,” writes Redditor chicken and waffurs. “The person with the highest number will also receive a bonus gift wrapped under the scarecrow.”

Players have created events on Reddit and Facebook to invite others to their islands for fun with friends on Halloween. If you don’t have Halloween plans in real life or in Animal Crossing, you can browse many Animal Crossing subreddits to find players with gates open tomorrow night.

“We literally had to cancel our plan because her state banned my trip due to an increase in our number of cases,” writes Redditor ACLee Lee 401. “At least you can visit each other at ACNH.”

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