Animal Crossing Players use amiibo to bring back classic villagers

Animal Crossing players have discovered that the character Blanca can be invited to Roost, revealing that the 2.0 update added the amiibo NPC.

NS Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players have discovered that they can regain the classic Animal Crossing Character Blanca-From previous series games-Thanks to the amiibo card. Since the release of the game, amiibo cards have allowed players to invite villagers to their town.However, this latest character discovery also shows that the new amiibo card has become playable in recent releases. Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update..

Animal Crossing The amiibo card first debuted in 2015 and was first used in Wii U games Animal Crossing amiibo Festival- This allowed gamers to invite their favorite villagers to play mini-games.Nintendo has been releasing amiibo card sets ever since, and introduced the amiibo feature at launch. Animal Crossing: New Horizons.. In both games, you can use cards to invite villagers to a campsite in the player’s town, where they can be invited to move in. New uses ACNH amiibo card Added with new 2.0 update and DLC Happy home paradise. It can be used to invite villagers and NPCs to the game’s new cafe, The Roost, or to have a DLC-designed villa.

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Reddit user lbcordell575 This week we shared their findings on the resurrection of special characters from previous games: Cat Blanca. Blanca was well known to many long-time fans of the series because of its unique appearance-she has a blank face with no features at all. Users could use the amiibo card in The Roost to call her to the cafe with an old card that previously didn’t work in-game.In the player’s photo, she jokes that she has “Invincible game face” References to her appearance in past games-Blanca visits the player’s town with a blank face, demands that the player draw it for her, and allows them to design it the way they like. Did.

Previously, Blanca was one of several previous NPC characters. Animal Crossing Titles that could not be invited in-game using the amiibo card. It was already known that some new character additions would be added in the 2.0 update. brand new Animal Crossing Villagers and NPCs On Herb Island. Now it seems that more characters have been added than previously thought.according to polygon, Over 15 characters from previous games are now available on amiibo cards. These include Gracie, Wendell and Dr. Includes classic characters such as Shrunk.

This recent discovery opens up many fun new opportunities for using amiibo. Animal Crossing: New Horizons..Nevertheless Animal Crossing amiibo card roster With some new characters already in place, bringing old game villagers and NPCs back to coffee or villas is definitely an exciting development. Many players still miss the characters of the old game, and this new update is a comfortable and nostalgic addition for longtime fans of the game series.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Available on Nintendo Switch.

source: lbcordell575 / Reddit

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Animal Crossing Players use amiibo to bring back classic villagers

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