Animal Crossing Shamrock Day Seasonal items are on sale for a limited time

Seasonal Shamrock Day products have arrived at Animal Crossing New Horizons. From now until March 17th, you can get clothes and other items to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. As always, most of these items are sold at Nook Shopping, but they rotate daily, so you’ll need to check the catalog daily to get them all.

In addition to new shamrock items, the Able Sisters shop sells shamrock-themed clothing and accessories. Until March 17th, you can buy shamrock suits, shamrock hats, shamrock sunglasses and shamrock shoes from tailors. Unlike Nuuk Shopping items, these don’t rotate every day, so you can combine the entire ensemble into one. go.

Finally, you can also get the shamrock wand recipe from the balloons. Below is a complete list of shamrock items, their prices and how to get them.

item price How to get
Shamrock soda 1,000 bells Tom Nook Shopping
Shamrock door plate 1,200 bells Tom Nook Shopping
Shamrock carpet 1,500 bells Tom Nook Shopping
Shamrock suit 3,000 bells Able Sisters Shop
Shamrock hat 1,320 bell Able Sisters Shop
Shamrock sunglasses 1,100 bells Able Sisters Shop
Shamrock shoes 1,680 bells Able Sisters Shop
Shamrock wand Not applicable balloon

These aren’t the only seasonal products currently available in New Horizons. There are still a few days to get a special pie for Pi Day. The item can be ordered from Nuuk Shopping until March 14th and costs 314 bells.

Seasonal items for March have been added as part of the New Horizons 1.8.0 update. The update also introduces Super Mario’s furniture and clothing line to the game. After the update, Nintendo has made a makeover of Mario on the official Animal Crossing Dream Island. Visit the island between March 9th and 24th to complete the Mainintendo Mario mission.

In other Animal Crossing news, the next update of New Horizons will arrive around March 18th, with Sanrio-themed content such as new furniture, clothing, and even villagers who can be invited to live on the island. Will be added to. Animal Crossing Build-A-Bear Collection is coming soon.

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