Animal Crossing Snowman Guide: How to Make the Perfect Snowboy and Get All DIY Recipes

Animal Crossing: Winter has arrived in New Horizons. In the next few weeks, players in the Northern Hemisphere will find the island covered in snow. In other words, you will be able to catch snowflakes and make snowboys. That’s not all; there are also new winter DIY recipes to learn and make.

These DIY recipes will teach you how to make a variety of ice furniture. However, to get them, you need to create the perfect snowboy. This requires a little attention if you are not yet familiar with the delicate art of snow craftsmanship. Once you find yourself in the camp, we’ve put together some tips to help you make the perfect snowboy and collect all the new DIY recipes below.

How to make the perfect snowboy

During the winter, two snowballs appear around the island every day. You need to carefully roll and combine them to make a snowball. All you need to do is step into the snowball and start rolling it, but while doing so, you need to be careful, especially at first. The snowballs are initially too small to be rolled by hand, so the character kicks the snowballs several times to pack the snow.

You need to be careful when kicking snowballs. It will break if you kick it into another object or river. You need to get in and out of the building to force another object to spawn. After about 12 kicks, start rolling the snowballs by hand. Roll up the first ball until it is slightly higher than the character’s body, as shown below.

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Once the snowboy’s body is complete, repeat this process with a second snowball. It acts as a snowman’s head, so it should be a little larger than the character’s head and a little smaller than the first snowball. The size comparison is shown below.

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Once the second snowball is the right size, roll it onto the first snowball and the snowman will come back to life. It’s easy to see if you made the Snowboy correctly. It explains how perfect a snowboy is and, if done correctly, compliments his craftsmanship. (Snowboy isn’t shy to express his discomfort if you mess up.)

If you want to make the perfect snowboy every time, there is an easy way to measure snowballs accurately. First, use the Island Designer app to pave a 10 space long path horizontally. Then roll both snowballs to maximum size and place each at both ends of the path. Finally, roll one of the snowballs across the aisle into another ball. Snowballs shrink when rolled on a paved surface, so rolling across aisles is the perfect size.

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As a reward for carving him perfectly, Snowboy offers you a DIY recipe for big snowflakes and ice furniture. The Snowboy will gradually melt in the next few days, but while he’s still there, he will give you another big snowflake every day. Unlike regular snow that you find in the city and catch on the net, big snow can only be obtained from snowboys, so be sure to talk to them every day.

Snowboy DIY recipe

There are a total of 15 Snowboy DIY recipes. Each requires at least one large snowflake and a small number of standard size snowflakes. Catch all the snowflakes floating around the island and make sure you have enough material. You can see the complete list of Snowboy DIY recipes below:

  • Snow person head
  • Three-layer snow person
  • Frozen arch
  • Freezing bed
  • Freezing chair
  • Freezing counter
  • Freezing partition
  • Freezing pillar
  • Freezing sculpture
  • Freezing table
  • Frozen tree
  • Frozen treat set
  • Ice flooring
  • Ice wall
  • Ice wand

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