Animal Crossing: The New Horizons NookLink app has been updated with new catalog features.

Animal Crossing Available within the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app: NookLink, a New Horizons service, has received a new update that adds useful new features.

When you first open the app after the update, you will see a new icon called “Catalog” on the NookLink home screen. Proceeding here, you can view the in-game catalog from mobile as long as the apps and games are updated to the latest version.

You can browse items to your heart’s content by searching by name, criteria (color, whether the item is customizable, cost, etc.) or by searching for favorites. This is a very nifty way to search for information about an item without launching the game, and in fact provides more tools and filters to search than the game itself.

The bottom row, in the middle ...
The bottom row, in the middle … (Image: Nintendo, Screenshot: Nintendo Life)

With Welcome Touch, you can also browse cataloged paintings and statues in this app. This means you can theoretically scroll through the registered artwork while looking at the new items offered on the Crazy Red Troll Troller (thanks to Animal Crossing World). Cheeky hint).

Does this sound like something you use a lot? Let us know in the comments below how your island is progressing.

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