Animaniacs: Season 2 Get November Release Date and Teaser Trailer

On a TV Critics Association summer press tour, Hulu announced that the second season of Animaniacs’ 13 episodes will arrive on Disney-owned streaming platform on Friday, November 5, 2021.

“Yakko, Wakko, Dot is a fun, iconic family-friendly series for pop culture parodies, musical shortpers, historic villain takedowns, and some important safety tips. Returning to a whole new season of. Warner, Pinky and Brain bring havoc everywhere, from Warner Brothers lots to international beauty parodies, to space. Season 1’s favorite Starbox and Cindy. And note the rejected Animaniac. The character left on the floor of the cutting room, “according to Hulu’s synopsis.

Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg is back as executive producer for the series, and Wellesley Wild will be showrunner and executive producer.

“Not all jokes will land, but Hulu’s Animaniacs revival proves that the original formula will continue to work in 2020,” he said in a full review of Animaniacs Season 1.

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