Annapurna Interactive and Giant Squid’s “The Pathless” is rolling out worldwide on Apple Arcade – Touch Arcade

Mythical adventures, depending on where you live Passless () Annapurna Interactive and Giant Squid are finally coming or will be coming to Apple Arcade soon. This is one of the first games announced on the service and is being rolled out worldwide on Apple Arcade. The official release date for all platforms is November 12, so it will be released soon on PS4, PS5, and the Epic Games Store.I am playing Passless I’ve just started playing on my Apple Arcade on my phone on PS4 for the past few days and it’s been great so far.View new launch trailer Passless From Annapurna Interactive below:

Passless Apple Arcade has fairly heavy device requirements. Check here for a list of devices supported by Apple Arcade. If you’re considering getting it on your PS5, a physical version will also be released in early December. Check it out on the Apple Arcade App Store. It is already available in many regions and will be rolled out worldwide within a few hours. I know I’m definitely going to buy a vinyl soundtrack based on what I played. See this forum thread.

With today’s big release Passless, Route 59 games’ Necrobarista Today I got a huge update that brings The Midnight Interlude DLC. The update also adds a gallery mode with 60 collectable art, new storage slots, new controls and graphics options, a rewind feature, and many fixes. You can get it at this Apple Arcade.Check out the forum thread Necrobarista here. For everything related to Apple Arcade, check out the dedicated Apple Arcade forums to discuss the service and all the games contained here. What do you think of the recently released games and updates? What are you looking forward to with your next service?

‘The Pathless’ from Annapurna Interactive and Giant Squid Is Rolling Out Now Worldwide on Apple Arcade

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