Annapurna Interactive Showcase Summary (July 2021)

Today, Annapurna Interactive’s showcase featured a number of new games and footage with titles due out next year. The showcase was full of cool announcements and updates that would surely excite publisher fans.

We’ve put it all in one place to make things a little easier. This is all that was exhibited at the Annapurna Interactive Showcase in July 2021.

Skillful escape

Annapurna Interactive Showcase July 2021

Artful Escape is a future platformer developed by Beethoven & Dinosaur. The title focuses on the character of Francis Vendetti, the nephew of the deceased folk music legend Johnson Vendetti. He is trying to create his own new identity to get out of the shadow of his famous uncle.

It will be released on September 9th for the Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

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