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That year was 1999, and WWE is riding a wave of great success created by some of the biggest stars in the company’s history at the height of its career. It will only get better as those stars have proved to be the true definition of super.

What I mean is that they were legitimate superstars who were able to overcome some of the worst bookings you’ve ever seen.

Perhaps the event that gives us the best example of this, more specifically the match, took place on this day, January 24, 1999-the worst royal rumble ever.

It’s been talked about many times, but this game is very difficult. There are many reasons for this, but it is not limited to these.

  • When everyone was done, there were almost no stars.
  • The two men who played a central role in the match, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Vince McMahon, spent much of the match nearby as they fought towards the women’s toilet so that Austin could chase McMahon and jump.
  • They set a bad precedent for rumble games. The man who finally wins leaves the match early and doesn’t really have to fight that much, he goes back and explains while everyone else is fighting properly.
  • At some point, the commentary reminded us that “Vince McMahon is sitting with us in the commentary, but he is still part of this match.”
  • There were multiple dead spots in the match, and the wrestler was able to fight someone just by waiting for his opponent to come in.
  • Mabel was eliminated because he was kidnapped by the Undertaker and his darkly incompatible crew.
  • Kane stopped chasing the men trying to wear straitjackets.
  • And perhaps the worst of all, Vince McMahon won the match as Stone Cold fell for a simple distraction from rock.

What’s amazing here is that the fans in attendance generally seemed to have a good time with all of this. It’s not about the quality of the match, it’s about WWE’s achievements at the time.

I really appreciate the fact that WWE was trying to tell a story in a match, which didn’t work at all about what the match was. What’s more, there were all the usual logic failures, but the biggest one is happening, with Austin’s head winning $ 100,000 and no one in the match treating it like a thing. It was a disadvantage to one of the stories. The commentary tried to talk about it as if it were a thing, but everyone in the ring just talked about a regular rumble style match.

The 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble was a good example of how to incorporate a powerful lead story into the match itself in order to make someone a big success towards winning a major title in WrestleMania. The 1999 Royal Rumble was a mess of overbooking and didn’t bring the most fun rumble ever.

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Anniversary of the worst royal rumble match ever Anniversary of the worst royal rumble match ever

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