Another crab treasure is the soul-like about fighting crabs.

Another crab treasure is, in a sense, the darkest soul-like ever. Sure, it’s about cute crabs that fight other crabs at the bottom of the colorful ocean, but the various shells and weapons you and your enemies use are made from the trash that humans throw into the colorful ocean. increase.

But it’s still cute. Below is a public trailer.

“That crab uses plastic straw for his sword! How clever!” I went immediately. “Oh, yes, it’s tough.”

As a hermit crab, you are on a mission to buy back the shells you have recovered. In the process, the developer compares it to soulslike. You will need to carefully time your blocks, roll out of the way, and wait for the right moment to stab your own cutlery into their fishy skin.

However, being called soul-like (or shell-like anyway) doesn’t mean that Another Crab’s Treasure is difficult.this is Steam page The game is “not only designed to be a familiar experience for new soulslike players, but also to offer challenges to hardcore fans,” he said. There are assist options to make the game easier or more difficult.

A well-named developer, Aggro Crab isn’t a stranger to the slightly harsh settings of previously created colorful games. Go downA dungeon crawler about being an unpaid intern fighting a failed tech startup.

Another crab treasure is targeted for release sometime in 2023.

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