Another Joy-Con Drift Class Action Proceeded Against Nintendo

Nintendo is facing another class action proceeding over the Joy-Con drift issue. The complaint was filed in a Seattle court on Tuesday. This is a technical issue that is causing many problems for the company. We are facing multiple proceedings in the United States and abroad. A Washington judge has moved the previous proceeding to arbitration, and another proceeding filed in California in October is still in court.

Joy-Con drift is a problem that occurs with Nintendo’s Joy-Con controller when the joystick “drifts” and the character or cursor moves unintentionally. Players have been mostly complaining about the features since the console was released, but the first proceeding was filed in 2019. Nintendo immediately began offering free repairs for Joy-Con drift-affected controllers. The problem continued with new console models like the Nintendo Switch Lite.

In the new proceedings, plaintiffs’ attorneys outline a powerful technical breakdown completed by experts. Experts suggest that Joy-Con drift is due to wear on the controller’s internal pads. Attorneys claim that Nintendo is aware of the problem and has not properly notified its customers. They are seeking comments from Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa on consumer advocacy surveys in France, Belgium and Switzerland and “customer-caused troubles” related to Joy-Con drift.

The proceedings outline the experience of minors with the Nintendo Switch system and point out that the drift began three months after purchasing the console. The controller was repaired by Nintendo, but failed again “a few more months” later. Nintendo repaired the controller for a fee of $ 40. (Note that the minors spent their money.) This cycle continued with three pairs of Joy-Con.

The proceedings include photographs of the technical disassembly and electron micrographs showing damage to the circuit. The proceedings allege Nintendo’s illegal and unfair conduct and consumer fraud.

Not relevant, Nintendo cut the price of a single Joy-Con controller by $ 10 in October. This is the first price cut in three years since its launch. Currently, the price of one Joy-Con is $ 39.99. This is certainly not cheap, even if it needs to be replaced.

You can see the full copy of the complaint below.

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