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AnRKey XNFT sales reach the top 10 in the world with Rarible

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The word for the past few weeks has been NFT: Non-Fungible Tokens. We have seen this trend evolve from pristine to something that bridges the gap between mainstream industry and our beloved decentralized world. NFTs not only generate wealth, but also represent their rarity through collections they have never seen before. After adopting NFT, the physical baseball cards will never be the same.

NFT sales are CNBC.. But that’s just the beginning, to be honest. 2021 will be the year of NFT. More and more mainstream players are entering the field as major players like the NBA sell NFTs on TopShot for over $ 30 million. recently, Ethereal To name just a few, we’ve entered the space to create NFTs certified by celebrities such as Winklebos Twins, Muhammad Ali, and Bruce Buffer. This indicates that the market is just beginning.

Another piece of the puzzle is the artist, who can ultimately authenticate the artwork pieces piece by piece and have a real way to create a secondary market like never before. Giant artists such as Banksy, Beeple and BossLogic have already entered the field, but more importantly, even the traditional art world is adapting to NFT trends. Arthouse Sotheby’s will generate an NFT for each work of art auctioned.

The rise of NFTs has a lot to do with their reliability and flexibility, as they can be used for digital artwork, memes, parts of virtual lands, specific rights to musical works, and many other use cases. Earlier this year, NFT’s daily sales exceeded overall 2020 sales. This suggests that more growth is expected this year.

For the past few weeks AnRKey X.. The innovative DeFi NFT and Esports Gaming projects have been working on their platform and their own NFT for months, sharing their first preview and the first real rare drop in the last two weeks. The reality was better than expected and broke both its own system and Rarible in the NFT marketplace. Overall, the company generated over $ 750,000 in revenue and the community bet a total of $ 2.8 million on NFTs for ANRX.

What happened lovely??

Let’s go back to March 3rd. AnRkey X has removed the GenSys.XNFT collection.With various designs, the entire collection lovely Storm platform. Within an hour of its release, the GenSys.X collection took the number one spot on Rarible and temporarily crashed the site due to high demand. The AnRKey team shares the excitement that one of the first works has come true and exceeds all expectations. Well, demand lasted for a week, not just a day.

Imagine standing outside with a lemonade stand on the hottest day of summer and selling NFTs after NFTs throughout the first day. This was like AnRKey’s GenSys.X NFT collection. The team sold 120 ETH worth of NFTs on the first day of release. At the time of writing this is over $ 200,000. Its number one spot belonged to AnRKey X for the rest of the day, and the runner-up ran almost half of the volume. Secondary market sales reached up to $ 47,000 per NFT, an increase of 13,602% from the original price of $ 343 per NFT.

Over the last 30 days, AnRKey X’s NFT sales have been among the top 10 worldwide on, leaving behind celebrities like Mark Cuban and other giant NFT legends.

Don’t underestimate this achievement of a relatively young project that jumped to the top in the month when more than $ 100 million was handed over in the NFT world.

Caution: The statistics and numbers in this article were received directly from the AnRKey team. The content of this article does not constitute investment advice. Do a thorough investigation of yourself before making a purchase.


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AnRKey XNFT sales reach the top 10 in the world with Rarible AnRKey XNFT sales reach the top 10 in the world with Rarible

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