Anthem developers propose new skill trees, artifacts, and Destiny-style UI

Oh, they really give the right shot to the comeback of this national anthem, right? Three months after the last check-in of BioWare’s puzzled loot, the studio revisited the game’s improved UI and featured character skills and robot suits aimed at modifying the look of the base game. We’re back with a new approach to loadouts-limited build options.

Studio director Christian Dailey writes on the BioWare blog and jumps into some of the ideas the team is working on regarding Javelins (big robots), builds, and skill trees. Apparently, the key feedback on launching the game was that Anthem didn’t provide a “satisfying Javelin build”, prompting the team to completely redefine their approach to RPG battlesuits.

However, for beginners, the entire loadout screen has been reviewed. Now it looks pretty Destiny 2. This is a cleanup page with the character centered and surrounded by a set of more readable inventory slots. Weapons will be either primary or secondary, and Mods and Artifacts will replace the previous component system. Abilities are now also visible in the loadout screen, now permanently unlocking instead of dropping.

You may have noticed that there are new words there. Instead of the daily-recognized component, the artifact is proposed as a more substantive and exciting kind of drop to more dramatically confuse javelin. “Each javelin type has a clear artifact that corresponds to that class of fantasy,” explains Daily. “For example, a Ranger rocket pod will be upgraded to a Skyfell Launcher artifact, a pair of backmount pods that will turn into a powerful rocket launcher.

“These artifacts change their appearance depending on the parts they equip. There is also an opportunity to enable more interesting decisions. The parts you equip contribute to the powerful passive abilities generated by the artifacts.”

Daily also dive into individual skill trees and experience level ideas for each javelin class. After capping one mechanical suit, explore the idea of ​​further specialization. The team believes that pilot levels aren’t really a “satisfactory measure of progress,” and they seem to be improving by actually flying certain javelins by unlocking new passives and abilities. I’m trying to find a way to make you feel.

Sure, it all sounds pretty nifty. But then, poor customization isn’t Anthem’s worst problem, and it’s still hard to imagine a world where failed loot shooters will come back. Even BioWare’s apologist Alice B lamented in Anthem’s review at the time that the constant whimsical interruptions in the game continued to lead to “mounting, hair tearing, fatigue, and frustration relief.”

A small team at BioWare Austin has quietly stopped this rework for some time. Yes, it’s only occasionally surfaced to reassure Anthem’s work is still going on. With such a seemingly impossible job, I have no choice but to wish them good luck.

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Anthem devs propose new skill trees, artifacts and a Destiny-style UI

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