Anthem discontinued, BioWare focuses on Dragon Age, Mass Effect

After more than a year of internal Anthem overhaul, EA and BioWare have decided to discontinue development of the 2019 action RPG and move on to other projects.

In an announcement written today by executive producer Christian Dailey, the decision to stop working at Anthem was motivated by a combination of the influence of COVID-19 and the desire to focus on other BioWare projects such as Dragon Age and Mass Effect. I explain that. ..

“2020 was a different year. We continue to make progress on all game projects at BioWare, but working from home during a pandemic was planned as a studio before COVID-19. It affected productivity, not everything. It can be achieved without overstressing the team. “

“I know this disappoints the community of Anthem players who are excited to see the improvements we are working on, and also the team that did a great job, and I personally. As for, Anthem brought me. For BioWare, and the last two years have been some of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my career.

“Game development is difficult. Such a decision is not easy. From now on, we will focus our efforts as a studio with a laser to strengthen the title of the next Dragon Age and Mass Effect, while at the same time Star Wars: The Old Republic of Quality. We need to continue to provide high updates .. “

Daily also states that Anthem’s existing live service will continue to run as it does today for the foreseeable future.

Anthem had a rocky launch, plagued by bugs and criticisms that the battle was interesting, but the story was grinded and the endgame didn’t have a chop to keep the game going for a long time. .. When the game stumbled in 2019, EA finally chose to overhaul Anthem in late 2019, spending more than a year completely smashing the game’s core loops and systems of loot, quests, social elements and more. it changed. Earlier this month, EA reportedly checked the status of the game and then called for it to stop development at that point.

In an exclusive interview with , EA’s Chief Studio Officer Laura Miele contrasts EA’s decision on game overhaul with the decision made at Star Wars Battlefront 2 on the closure of Anthem development. I stated my thoughts. Anthem was overhauled after its release, based on community feedback, if not as dramatically as planned.

“What really matters in Battlefront 2 is that I said I was going to do something,” Miele explained. “We had to commit to the players and act on what we said we would do, so if we publicly say what we have to offer, our team is clear. You can also create new content for your game. You can draw natural conclusions for a variety of reasons. In that case, try to be as transparent as possible to the community and explain why. “

Miele then pointed out the post-release community of Battlefront 2 as an example, and despite the fact that the gaming community wanted more post-release content than DICE offered, the studio would be a future Star Wars game He said he had that feedback in mind.

In contrast, Anthem also had a community interested in its overhaul, but Miele said that the final best decision based on BioWare’s free resources was to focus development on other games instead. I say there was.

“We have believed in Anthem at every stage, we have invested in this game for nearly a decade, and we are proud of the work the team has done,” says Miele. “Starting with the launch of the game two years ago, the BioWare team listened to player feedback and brought in game updates and improvements.

“But 2020 and 2021 are unprecedented years when it comes to game development, so we need to prioritize the player experience and what’s best for those working on these games. BioWare creates the next dragon. I want to be able to focus on the Age and Mass Effect game, while being the best game [Star Wars: The Old Republic].. Ultimately, this is the best way to serve players by focusing on the favorites of these fans and meeting the expectations of the community.

“The national anthem is a creative risk, and the challenge has taught us a lot about game design and even how to improve the development process. This benefits not only developers but also players. . “

Miele elaborated on the relationship between EA and its gaming community, and the goals of adapting based on fan feedback in the rest of the interview. You can read this here.

Rebekah Valentine is an news reporter. You can find her on twitter @duckvalentine..


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