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Two fighters first instead of one LFA 101 I lost more than 4 pounds.

Legacy Fighting Alliance
This weekend, we will be hosting the first of three events in March.the top LFA 101: undefeated 210.4 pounds catchweight match
Anthony Karani And Tea Cummins.. As the name implies, the cards are mainly made up of fighters that haven’t suffered any losses yet. The eight-game event was official due to the weighing on Thursday, but several fighters lost weight.

Karani (5-0), a battle at Huntington Beach, California, holds the most impressive undefeated record on the card. This will be the first battle for Hub Ultimate products within the LFA.The· Gladiator Challenge The veteran has finished four out of five professional matches and will create another highlight on Friday night. Unfortunately, Karani was officially £ 210.4, officially above the light heavyweight limit by £ 4.4.

This will be Cummins (2-0)’s third professional match. However, “The Experiment” has more experience than his record shows, as he won two amateur matches before becoming a pro. Cummins has finished both professional fights in the knockout and will make a statement in the spotlight. The Tennessee native stepped on a 204-pound scale and successfully gained weight on his side.

Karani blew 4.4 pounds of weight, Jarin Fuller Came over £ 6.2 over the welterweight limit to fight against Treston Vines.. Both battles continue as planned, and overweight fighters pay their opponents a penalty.

The LFA 101 main card will be broadcast live on the UFC Fight Pass from 9 pm Eastern Standard Time to 6 pm Pacific Standard Time. One preliminary match will also be broadcast on the promotional Facebook page at 8 pm (Eastern Standard Time) / 5 pm (Pacific Standard Time).

LFA 101 weighing result:

Anthony Karani (210.4) * Pair. Tea Cummins
Jarin Fuller (177.2) ** Pair. Treston Vines (171)
Mark Klimako (129) Pair. Pololū Valley (129.2)

Miguel Jacob Hermokudisi Neto (155) Pair. AJ Nichols
Jakelin Amorim (115.6) Pair. Taisha Gandhi (115.6)
Alden Korea (124.6) Pair. Rashad Robinson (125.2)
Hunter Corbin (185.4) Pair. Ikebun (185.4)
Elmer Umarov (169.8) vs. Cody King

* Karani lost 4.4 pounds and was fined on part of his wallet.
** Fuller lost 6.2 pounds and was fined on part of his wallet.

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Anthony Karani, Jarin Fuller Miswait Terrible Anthony Karani, Jarin Fuller Miswait Terrible

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