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It’s not a secret Anthony Pettis Is embarking on opposition to Rausch Manfio..

In fact, Pettis is showing it off on social media, with a round in the boxing ring ahead of the 2021 PFL6 Joint Main Event match on Friday at Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, NJ.

Pettis (24-11) realized that he was in a winning situation where he needed to stop if he wanted to advance to the lightweight playoffs. However, “Showtime” does not chase the finish. He aims to be less flashy and more fundamental, which he believes will bring the kind of performance needed to move forward.

“I immediately focused on boxing,” Pettis told MMA Junkie. “I’m going to use more hands in this fight. I’m posting it. Everyone has seen what I’m attacking. He knows what I’m trying to do Put your hands together. I’m looking to put these hands on him, and I’m not going to force a kick, I’m not going to force a flashy one. You’re well by me You will see a wise battle that was fought. “

Throughout his career, Pettis has demonstrated a savvy skill set that blocks opponents in both knockouts and submissions. However, “Showtime” is so confident in his preparation that he planned his finish against Manfio (12-3).

“He has a great right hand, a counter right hand, and a good left check hook,” Pettis said. “He’s not too far from his back. When he’s lying on his back, he doesn’t look for submissions, he’s not going to look for crazy things, but my game The plan is to knock him out. Go out with an orthodox stance. Show in the feed. I have nothing to change. I’ve shown everything I’ve done so far. Orthodox him Put it in a stance, find the rhythm, expand the range, and once you find that range, it’s showtime. “

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Anthony Pettis is calm and heading for a winning battle Anthony Pettis is calm and heading for a winning battle

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