Anthony’AJ’ Johnson dies, Friday and house party star was 55 years old

With comedians Friday actor Anthony “AJ” Johnson Sadly he died. According to the nephew of a funny man, Johnson was found dead in a store in Los Angeles earlier this month. According to TMZ, he was taken to a local hospital where he was sentenced to death. Johnson reported, but so far the cause of death has not been clarified. Johnson was 55 years old.

“NS Comedy world Again, I was really upset. Our BH talent family is heartbroken by the loss of the iconic stage and screen legend Anthony “AJ” Johnson. Linny Abel, Johnson’s representative, said in a statement through CNN. Dynamic acting skills, but above all his huge personality and golden heart. “

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NExJNWSRj5imBB || Born in Compton in 1965}, Johnson worked as an actor until his early twenties.His acting career really took off when he took on the role of EZE in the 1990 comedy. Home party, Kid’n Play, Full Force, and Robin Harris were one of the most impressive comedies of the time. This success also helped establish Johnson as a stand-up comedian who plays at bars in the Los Angeles area.

rear Home party, Anthony Johnson appeared Deadly Weapon 3, Threat II Association, When Panther..He revisited Home party Franchise with another role in the 1994s House party 3.. In 1995 he took on his most famous role as a little thief Ezal Friday, A comedy that creates a franchise starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. After the news of Johnson’s death was announced, Cube posted a compliment message on Twitter. Friday 4 A movie that has never been made.

“It’s sad to wake up to the news that AJ Johnson has died,” said Ice Cube. “At the same time, a naturally funny guy who was just outside Compton. Sorry, I couldn’t get your character’s Ezal back to the big screen. last Friday… “

Anthony Johnson will continue to appear in movies such as Great white hype, B * A * P * S, Woo, I got hookups 1 & 2, Hot Boys, Players club, Undercover princess, When result..Actors and manga also spent some time on small screens and appeared in multiple episodes of Sitcom. Martin When Malcolm & Eddie..His other TV credits include: Bold and beautiful, South Central, Parent hood, Moesha, When Jamie Foxx Show..He also performed a stand-up comedy Diff comedy jam..

Comedians are also known for appearing in rap videos. Memorably, he played an Eazy-E parody rapper called Sleazy-E in Dr. Dre’s 1992 “Dre Day” video. The Sleazy-E character is back in the 1993 “Real Muthaphuckkin G’s” real Eazy-E video.

Survivors of Anthony “AJ” Johnson include his wife Lexis, three children and two siblings. With Johnson’s family and friends, I would like to extend my condolences to them. Thank you for his contribution.He is rest in peace..This news comes to us from TMZ Additional details from CNN..

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Anthony’AJ’ Johnson dies, Friday and house party star was 55 years old

https://movieweb.com/anthony-aj-johnson-dead/ Anthony’AJ’ Johnson dies, Friday and house party star was 55 years old

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