Anti-gravity combat racer PACER finally explodes on Xbox One and Series X | S

We have been on the lookout ever since we had the PACER Opportunity to chat with the R8 Games development team It dates back to October 2019. The explosive anti-gravity racer finally hit the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, a few months after it was released on the PS4 and PC grids.

Buy and download now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PC. R8 Games’ PACER invites you in 2075, when the PACER World Championships will begin. This shows that only the best anti-gravity racers compete for global titles. They show off their skills on various technical tracks and take part in the fastest races possible in the hope of achieving the ultimate victory.

The price is £ 33.49 and will be reduced if the first launch discount is early. PACER offers one of the most powerful and vibrant anti-gravity racers since the original WipeOut, and seems to be sure to deliver in multiple game modes. There is always a reason to come back. If you’ve been a high-intensity racer for years, the wait may be nearing its end.

Introduce various crafts and test each skill to the limit. There are a variety of weapons (essential for any anti-gravity racer), multiple cosmetic and performance options. It’s good for PACER to find a home. Whether you like to ride the track as a solo pilot or go with others in multiplayer mode, it’s at the top of the racing tree.

Edit: A complete review of Pacer on Xbox One is available..

A full review of PACER on Xbox One will be done immediately to make sure you need to know, but in the meantime, it’s a good idea to consider buying from your favorite digital store. To do.that is Xbox store For Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, or PlayStation 4 or PC products, it’s up to you. This definitely looks like a highly speed-optimized game and requires a cracking soundtrack that accompanies it.

Please post in the comments to let us know what you think of PACER and whether R8 Games has reached the required location for anti-gravity racers. We want to know your thoughts.

Game description:

With the depth of simulation and the excitement and combat of arcade racers, PACER® provides a true test of player skill, reflexes and strategy. Choose from four speed classes from 400 km / h to 1000 km / h and participate in campaigns or single player races in eight different game modes. Get ready to fight your opponents on 14 unique and rewarding tracks with interchangeable variations (Night, Mirroring, Reverse). Get control of 5 crafts and 11 weapons, each with its own unique characteristics. The garage allows you to fully customize the look and adjust many performance and weapon parameters. Online Multiplayer supports up to 10 players, 7 game modes, matchmaking, worldwide leaderboards, spectator mode, and VOIP. Create playlists of over 80 songs with original tracks from CoLD SToRAGE and an extensive library of licenses from designated artists.

Anti-grav combat racer PACER finally explodes onto Xbox One and Series X|S

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