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Antonio Brown He is a Super Bowl champion, a seven-time professional bowler, and a member of the NFL’s All-2010s team. He is also 32 years old Buccaneers I am trying to extend my contract and become a free agent by March 17th.

Brown is no stranger to free agents.After being released by Raiders Following the deal from the Steelers in 2019, he soon Patriot, Released him after one game.Due to Brown’s off-field issues, Brown NFL Until the Buccaneers sign him six weeks after the 2020 season. Brown, signed as an insurance policy, was more than the Buccaneers. Brown caught 45 of 62 targets in eight regular season games with 483 yards and four touchdowns. In the playoffs, Brown caught a touchdown pass with a wildcard victory over Washington in Tampa Bay. After a knee injury, he was put aside for a victory in the Buccaneers NFC title game. Packers, Brown catch Tom Brady’s The third and final touchdown pass at 31-9 in Tampa Bay chief To Super bowl LV.

He may not be an all-professional in the past, but Brown’s 2020 season showed that he was still a very productive player. Brown is the ideal third receiver at this stage of his career. And after a period of turbulent 18 months, Brown was welcomed for his leadership and professionalism during his time in Tampa. And if you look at some of the other receivers that are set to enter the market (including Brown’s current teammates) Chris Godwin And ex-teammate Juju Smith Schuster), Brown is probably available at a very affordable price.

Take a look at Brown’s most probable landing points with the start of a free agent just around the corner. It also provides scout reports while providing news and notes about the future of wide receivers.

Top landing spot

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: It’s perfect for the Buccaneers to sign Brown as Godwin’s future emerges. Brown fits like a glove during a Buccaneers attack.If Godwin leaves, it will leave Brown, the No. 1 receiver Mike Evans, And up-and-coming Scott miller And Tyler Johnson.. The Buccaneers still need to find someone to fill Godwin’s void, but this receiving corps is a pretty good starting block. Brown is happy with Tampa, and if Tom Brady guarantees him again, Brown could be part of the Buccaneers’ 2021 title defense.
  • Los Angeles Rams: Brown is an ideal alternative to Josh Reynolds, Who will be a free agent. In Los Angeles, Brown is one of the NFL’s most popular trios, including: Cool Park And Robert Woods..That trio will certainly help Matthew Stafford He is preparing for his first season in Los Angeles. Brown joins another Super Bowl caliber team in Los Angeles. This team will be removed from their Super Bowl run in just two years.
  • Baltimore Ravens: In Baltimore, Brown shared a secret talk with his young cousin, Marquise brown.. He will be asked to help improve Ravens’ attack, which finished 32nd in the NFL in 2020.Brown’s arrival will probably be welcomed by Lamar Jackson, He was able to use a professional veteran receiver as he entered his fourth NFL season. Brown doesn’t fix all of Ravens’ passing needs, but it certainly will be a good start.
  • Seattle Seahawks: This depends on whether Russell Wilson Stay in Seattle. But if Wilson remains in the Seahawks, it makes a lot of sense to add Brown.Like the Rams, the Seahawks 3rd receiver David Moore, Is set to enter the free agent.If Moore leaves, Brown can fill his place while playing with DK Metcalf Tyler Lockett.. The Seahawks offensive line issue will not be fixed, but Brown will give Wilson one of the top receive trios in the NFL.
  • Tennessee Titans: Tennessee is a receiver, especially Corey Davis Set to enter the free agent. In Brown, the Titans will be a great complement to Pro Bowler AJ Brown. Brown will join a fast-paced team aspiring to the Super Bowl.His new quarterback Ryan TannehillThrow 55 touchdowns and only 13 intercepts during the first two seasons in Nashville.

Scout report

Pros: Brown took full advantage of his limited role in the Tampa Bay attack. He caught 73.3% of the target. This is the second highest total of Buccaneers receivers. With four starts of the regular season, Brown caught 28 of 41 targets with 323 yards and four touchdowns. He caught six touchdowns in the last six games of the 2020 season. Brown may not be the dominant force in the past, but based on last year’s numbers, he is still a very effective player and can help turn a good attack into a big attack.

Cons: Disadvantages: Brown will be 33 by the start of the 2021 season. He suffered a knee injury during the 2020 playoffs and questioned the Super Bowl LV. Given the fact that his game relies primarily on his agility and athletic performance, his age and history of recent injuries are a source of concern. Brown has accepted his role in Tampa, but it’s unclear if he can do the same in another city.

News and notes

February 7: On the podium shortly after his team won the Super Bowl Brown confirmed his desire Being with the Buccaneers during the 2021 season. “I want to come back here next year,” Brown said. “That would mean everything is back. I’m just excited and very grateful.”

February 19: Larry Foote, a former Pittsburgh Browns teammate and now Tampa Bay linebacker coach, Praised Brown’s influence on the Buccaneers After joining the team in October. “AB, like Tom Brady, when he hits the grass, he’s all in business, and suddenly he does a dynamic stretch, so about 10 guys over there are with him. I see it warming up, “said Foot. Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden appear on the All Things Covered podcast. “He’s in his 100s with a band, and he’s serious. Suddenly there are two guys, three guys over there. And before he notices, two defenses over there. There are typical players. They are young guys. See what it needed and how he worked, and when he was there, he worked every day.

“Everyone had a few reservations about him, but he was a perfect model citizen.”

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Antonio Brown Free Agent 2021: Latest News, Rumors, Scout Reports, Potential Landing Sites

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