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After joining the team in 2015, the four-time world champion wanted to further increase the success of the title at Ferrari, but in the end he failed to reach that goal and the team will not continue him this year. I chose that.

In the fairly public struggle of the last two years, some have questioned whether Vettel has surpassed his best as an F1 driver due to poor performance and driver mistakes.

Marco believes Vettel has lost confidence in Ferrari in recent years. It’s all a legacy of what happened in Hockenheim in 2018.

At that time, Vettel made a mistake and was at the top of the world championships, standing from pole position in the race when he crashed in the light rain. The incident opened the door for final champion Lewis Hamilton to win a decisive victory.

Marco believes Vettel’s error had a lasting effect. Vettel’s error was taken over by Mattia Binotto as the team had Maurizio Arrivabene as the team principal.

“I’m worried that it started with the 2018 crash in Hockenheim,” Marco said in an exclusive interview.

“At that time, Alibaba was still the principal of the team. Since then, his relationship with Ferrari has been deteriorating.

“I can’t say how bad he was in terms of materials, but I must say that he made too many mistakes himself.

“This crash caused uncertainty and driving was very often not at Vettel level.”

Asked if he believed he could rediscover his peak form when Vettel joined Aston Martin this year, Marco said, “I hope so for him.”

Marco and Vettel formed a strong bond in Red Bull, and the Germans won all four world titles for the Milton Keynes-based team.

Vettel was said earlier last year that he could return to Red Bull in the uncertain future of F1, but the team was committed to Alex Albon at that time, so consider him when he can play. It was clear that it wasn’t.

In the end, Vettel signed with Aston Martin and Red Bull chose to go to Sergio Perez instead as a teammate for Max Verstappen in 2021.

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“Anxiety” caused by the crash of Hockenheim led to the downfall of Vettel “Anxiety” caused by the crash of Hockenheim led to the downfall of Vettel

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