Anything Gallery is a museum of everything you want

You see, I’ve covered many video game museums with RPS. Then it’s worthy to finally cover literally all virtual art galleries. That’s exactly what The Anything Gallery, released for free this weekend. An exhibition of what you want, curated from the phrases you typed before leaning into a strange, wild tangent with infinite wings extending in all directions.

Jan Malitschek’s procgen’d gallery, released last weekend for free with itching, is an exhibition of your favorite search terms. The “game” opens on a pedestal with two doors. As you type in a word or phrase, those doors open and you’ll see a huge collection of PS1-inspired retro visuals rendered based on your input.

Need an art gallery dedicated entirely to the popular Sausage Rolls ™ in the UK? That’s what you sorted by header. Would you like to burn the shrine to the wonderful cast of Deep Space 9? Buddy, you should believe that I have a free ticket to that exhibition here. Need a museum of complacency for your own tweets? I knock myself out, but I haven’t put it in this post.

The game not only pulls images of the walls of the gallery, but also web pages of text pedestals, YouTube videos of small cinemas. I queried one of my games as a term, which provided our Switchport achievement guide in brilliantly shimmering low resolution.

The gallery goes beyond what you type. Instead, the input is like a seed that allows the building to branch in different directions and pull in all sorts of weird tangential directions. Searching for “squid” can branch into squid wings, octopus wings, Minecraft, Splatoon, and fried seafood, each of which may be split into new spaces.

Sometimes it’s a little broken. Often you break into a room where the back of another room stands, or you run into a dead end due to poor bamboo placement. However, if you press F5 quickly, the entire building will be reset. In addition to the ambiguity of the lo-fi aesthetic of choice, it helps the machine feel like a glitchy man-made museum. I think it’s a mood.

Yes, it lacks the proper sense of curation from Louie Zong’s crowdsourced Bird gallery and the picking exhibitions I think I wanted. But that eclectic curation is the point of this time, and it’s worth a look at The Anything Gallery.

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The Anything Gallery is a museum of whatever you want it to be

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