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The Australian Open organizers have agreed to a comprehensive quarantine arrangement for players, returning the event to February 8th, three weeks ago, and establishing a series of warm-up events weeks before the first major of the season. After that, you may have thought that the problem was resolved.

I’m glad I could throw $ 10,000 or $ 20,000 to help the court battle, it’s bloody shocking Westin Apartment Owner, Digby Lewis

However, Melbourne luxury hotel apartment owners challenged the hotel arrangements and accused them of never being consulted about “ambushing” them under the agreed arrangements, Reuters reports. doing.

“It’s incredibly arrogant to ambush us this way as if it were a deal. Westin’s longtime apartment owner Mark Nicholson told Fairfax Media in Melbourne. It was.

Another owner, Digby Lewis, said, “At the age of 84, I belonged to a vulnerable group and was shocked at how they tried to break through this without trying to talk to us.” He continued to suggest that legal action was possible.

“I’m happy to be able to throw $ 10,000 or $ 20,000 to help the court battle. It’s a bloody shock.”

A rigorous 14-day quarantine protocol to ensure that hundreds of competitors arrive in Melbourne in the coming weeks and Westin management does not contact apartment owners, thus not affecting apartment owners. Will be carried out. Players using separate entrances and lifts.

“Their floors remain exclusive while there is no ventilation network between the floors,” Westin said in a statement, declaring that he continued to inform residents through negotiations.

Tennis Australia has not commented on the situation so far.

Meanwhile, Victoria, which recorded 800 deaths last year, is worried that a successful fight against a new case over the weekend could lead to another outbreak.

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AO faces possible legal action AO faces possible legal action

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