AOC will return to another Twitch stream “immediately”

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez revealed another Twitch stream is underway the day after winning his second term in the US House of Representatives. However, you need to take a nap at first.

AOC made waves in the gaming world when it sat down on its first Twitch stream in late October and played with fellow representatives Ilhan Omar and popular streamers such as Pokimane and Dr Lupo. Her stream peaked at over 430,000 concurrent viewers, and when combined with other co-streamer figures, could have reached over 700,000 viewers at the peak.

After her domination in Stream, the AOC celebrated another victory in this week’s elections, entering a second term in the US House of Representatives over Republican challengers, with more than $ 10 million supporting his campaign.

According to the tweet, AOC is aiming to return to Twitch “probably this week or next week” after a short break.

Parliamentarians used the final stream to reach a new audience and encourage voting, but post-election voting will be in a much different tone, no matter how the highly controversial presidential election takes place. There is a possibility.

In reply to her original tweet, AOC asked her followers for recommendations on what to stream next and who to collaborate with. Previous suggestions ranged from new games to detailed political issues, but AOC also suggested a “League Duobot” in Streamer, but she considered playing more Among Us in Pokimane. There seems to be.

Congressman Ilhan Omar may also be on the verge of a second appearance, but she upheld the AOC’s call for a nap first.

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