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AOTI-EA-Assistant-Improved Gross Profit Module-Scalping-March 7, 2021

Today, I’m going to study the Total Profit-Taking module and how it can help you make a profit. In particular, since the new version of AOTI-EA-Assistant, this module has been significantly improved and added features.

AOTI-EA-Assistant works with AOTI indicators AOTI-EA-Assistant is free to use For all AOTI indicator user.

You can download the current version of AOTI-EA-Assistant Here..

Gross profit acquisition module

For more information on this module Articles about AOTI-EA-Assistant..

AOTI-EA-Assistant v2.6 and new options – [すべて閉じる]If is on, disables TP and SL control Added to Total Profit-Taking Module:

How does this option work?in the case of “Close all orders with gross profit” The option becomes active and “Disable TP and SL control when close all is on” Is set to true, Positions are closed only on gross profit. At the same time, the profit and loss level of individual currency pairs does not affect the closing of positions.

The· “Close all orders with gross profit” Settings can only be enabled for one currency pair!

What is this mode useful for? For example, at the end of a trading session, some open trades are losing and some are profitable. At the same time, we do not know how the transaction will take place in the next trading session.Then you can set Total profit AOTI-EA-Assistant is Total profit The set value has been reached.

Also, closing the last working day with a profit without leaving a vacant seat on the weekend can help at the end of the weekday. Or, in the process of trading, there are situations where the majority of open positions turn out to be unprofitable at some point. This can happen not only for technical reasons, but also for fundamental reasons.And in this case, even the minimum level can be set Total profit To make the situation a break-even point.

In another use case, if some prices are better than the entry level, Total profit Use the OPEN POS button on the AOTI-EA-Assistant information panel to reopen your position at a better price.

You can even come up with a case where you can apply this feature to your trading style.

Position closing process by AOTI-EA-Assistant

Process of closing the position of “Close all orders with gross profit” The mode is true:

Another example of closing a position on gross profit on March 5th to avoid trading in important news (number of non-farm payrolls):

Closed position

The new version v2.6 of AOTI-EA-Assistant will be available for download shortly. Follow the news!

🍀 Good luck and big profits

AOTI-EA-Assistant-Improved Gross Profit Module-Scalping-March 7, 2021 AOTI-EA-Assistant-Improved Gross Profit Module-Scalping-March 7, 2021

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