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Aparavi partners with Wasabi to improve your organization’s data storage and management strategies

When wasabi Technologies has announced a partnership agreement to validate the interoperability between the Aparavi platform and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage to improve storage integration and management.

Users are at risk by providing the ability to quickly move large datasets in and out of the cloud with the luxury of a single platform for data discovery, indexing, classification, retrieval, and lifecycle management. And you can benefit from cost savings.

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is the industry’s most affordable and best performing cloud storage service and ideal storage repository.Faster than alternative cloud storage services like Amazon S3, keeps data “hot” for access in milliseconds, one-fifth of the price without output or API request charges. Designed for extreme data integrity, Wasabi provides 11 nines (99.999999999%) durability of objects over a particular year.

The Aparavi platform can improve Wasabi’s storage consolidation and management by revealing hidden data, valuable data assets, and redundant, old and trivial (ROT) data. The platform reveals an enterprise’s unstructured data footprint, allowing enterprises to identify, classify, optimize, and move their data footprint to take full advantage of their potential value.

Once the organization has unleashed and fully understood the value of the dataset, the Aparavi platform can provide end users with the ability to manage the life cycle of that data. For example, the platform’s data action capabilities allow end users or service providers to migrate their data to compatible cloud storage repositories, such as Wasabi’s hot cloud storage, and enjoy significant cost and performance benefits. As a result, risk and cost are reduced, and data can be leveraged for business insights and new revenue streams.

Unstructured data can provide important insights and information, but it can also be ROT or contain errors. Despite these pitfalls, organizations continue to collect, store, and make multiple backups of it. After many lifecycles in the backup and migration process, large amounts of data are often left behind.

Organizations in this situation usually cannot protect or harness the value of unstructured data. This is because you don’t know how to access or cost-effectively manage your data, such as how to store it. By announcing the partnership agreement, Aparavi Data Intelligence and Automation Platform and Wasabi HotCloud Storage will enable users to significantly improve the effectiveness of their data storage and management strategies.

“This partnership represents an important milestone for Aparavi as it allows more organizations to manage their unstructured data assets,” commented Peter Worsnop, Vice President of Sales. “Working with Wasabi is a great opportunity for our business. We look forward to helping our customers maximize the potential of these growing digital assets.”

“Data is the lifeblood of every business, and Wasabi proves that it can be stored in a cost-effective and reliable way,” said David Boland, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Wasabi Technologies. .. “Alongside Aparavi, we enable organizations to derive true value from vast amounts of data without being overwhelmed by overly complex pricing and unreliable services. The days of having to make difficult decisions about whether to keep a hold are over. “

Aparavi partners with Wasabi to improve your organization’s data storage and management strategies Aparavi partners with Wasabi to improve your organization’s data storage and management strategies

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