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Grenadier! Knuckle cluster! Main vein!

Apex Legends’ eighth season, Mayhem, is just a few days old, and developer Respawn is now completely exhausting the new hero Hughes and continuing to crank the hype handle.

Former mercenary and “true lover of explosives” Walter “Hughes” Fitz Roy is the 16th hero to join the growing lineup of Apex Legends, following his first announcement earlier this month. Now fully given a new developer video reveals a cure.

Hughes, which can drop destruction from the “exceptional range”, has a passive grenadier ability, stacking and using one more grenade per inventory slot than other heroes, “Father, faster” His mechanical arm, which can be thrown more accurately.

Meet Hughes-Apex Legend Character Trailer.

His knuckle cluster, on the other hand, is a tactical cluster munition that spews mini-concussion mines, and his ultimate is a powerful mother road. It fires a giant mortar into the sky, and once it explodes, it surrounds Hughes’ enemies with a ring of fire.

Alongside Fuse, Season 8 includes a new lever action rifle called the 30-30 Repeater, a new Battle Pass, a ranked season, and some major changes to the Kings Canyon map. There are rumors that the long-awaited Switch release of Apex Legends will arrive on PS4, Xbox One and PC next Tuesday, February 2nd, on the same day.


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