Apex Legend finally lets you clear the damn red dot

Almost two years later, Apex Legends will finally receive a “Mark All as Viewed” button, according to Respawn’s senior game designer Daniel Klein. This is a feature that has been strongly requested by the community for some time. Unfortunately, you may not be able to see the new buttons in action until the end of the Christmas season.

Redditors quickly pointed out that a big Christmas update for Apex Legends, which reintroduces World’s Edge with a Christmas twist, will arrive next week. Unfortunately, the Christmas update is not a traditional patch, as the files have already been pre-downloaded. “It’s not a patch, I’m sorry!” Write Klein to Reddit. “It’s the date you switched to turn on Winter Express.”

According to the recent Reddit AMA Klein, Apex Legends players will have to wait at least January before the next patch arrives. The Holo-Day Bash event runs from December 1st to January 4th, so it must contain enough new content to overcome most players. Until then, you need to browse the collection and check for new items to remove. Scary new item icon.

The launch of Apex Legend Season 7 was hampered by a backlash against the new Battle Pass system, but these concerns have since been resolved.

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