Apex Legend players can now get free Mass Effect items

Electronic Arts has released a new Apex Legends item as a crossover to the Mass Effect series. If you have the right type of subscription, you can get it now at no additional cost. The item in question is a weapon charm that hangs from the player’s weapon in Apex Legends, which is the Mass Effect game signature N7 logo. Weapon charms are also available for a limited time, so once they’re gone, they’ll probably be locked forever unless returned at some point in the future.

If you haven’t noticed that weapon charms have been added to your cosmetics collection, you can find them in Apex Legends below. It’s a small cosmetic, so it’s a simple accessory that only you and the person holding your weapon can recognize, but it’s a nice touch for anyone interested in Mass Effect games.

Aside from being a limited-time release, the only pitfall of this item is that it’s not available to everyone. Mass Effect Weapon Charms, which are part of the Electronic Arts family as well as Apex Legend, are locked behind your EA Play subscription and will be automatically added to your collection if you subscribe to that service. Will be done.

Some good news is that you may still be able to get items depending on the platform you are using, even if you haven’t manually signed up for an EA Play subscription. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Xbox Game Pass for PC subscribers are well aware that these versions of the Xbox Game Pass come with EA Play at no additional cost. The Mass Effect Weapon Charm is listed in the Xbox Game Pass Benefits category as a bonus available to subscribers, so if you have one of the above Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, you’ll get the Weapon Charm.

Apex Legend has won the Medal of Honor weapon charm in the past, so there will be more crossovers of this kind in the future. Adding these items as weapon charms is a convenient way to cross over, as it’s relatively unobtrusive, but still a personal way to show off your player’s tastes.

Mass Effect Weapon Charms are now available in Apex Legends for those with the right subscription.

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