Apex Legend tricks allow players to bypass the Knockdown Shield

Since it’s the holiday season, it means that many people are on vacation to play Apex Legends or have a new system for playing it. This increase in players means an increase in new discoveries in the game. There are more bugs than features, such as the abuse of endless slides on a PC discovered a few days ago. Now, someone recently shared a trick to help deal with those nasty knockdown shields.

This Apex Legends trick, shared on the Apex University subreddit, isn’t necessarily new, but it must have been useful to many, with about 2,000 votes and about 90 comments in the post. Instead of trying to destroy or evade the enemy’s knockdown shield after knocking on the enemy, poster bert4925 suggests entering the enemy’s finisher before canceling the enemy immediately. Most players run the finisher and either put the controller down or release the shield button, giving other players the opportunity to quickly shoot unshielded enemies.

The reply seems to be very grateful for this tip, commenting that many people can’t believe they never thought of doing it themselves. One commentator reminded everyone that if knocked, the shield button should not be released until the finisher reaches a point where it cannot be canceled. This is to avoid what happens to them.

Instead of dealing with the knockdown shield block, use the finisher to cancel and shoot down enemies to end in the middle of the battle. from r / apex university

Another thing discovered in this week’s Apex Legend was what happens when you try to install one of the new Trident vehicles in a place it doesn’t belong to. While running over his teammates, he tried to install a new Season 7 vehicle at the doorway of the building, and his teammates were launched into the stratosphere. According to the poster, this event crashed the game for them and their team.

Regarding other discoveries made about Apex Legend, the video for the next event was discovered when the advertised tweet was discovered on Twitter. The new collection event will feature the acquisition of Boxing Ringtown in Olympus, featuring everyone’s favorite smiling robot, Pathfinder. The event will also include some stylish new skins, including special skins for Pathfinder featuring unique animations on the legendary selection screen.

In connection with this new Pathfinder-centric content, there is a new “Story from Outland” video about the hunting of him and his creators. Also, according to the official page, which appears to have been posted prematurely, the new trailer will be released on Tuesday, December 29th.

Apex Legends is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and mobile and switch versions are under development.

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