Apex Legends Bloodhound Guide: Season 7

Bloodhound is a very favorite character to play in Apex Legend. Once thought to be overwhelming, the constant buffing process over the years has brought Bloodhound’s skill set to the point where I think teams without Bloodhound are at a disadvantage.Learn more about this powerful tracker-based legend and how to take advantage of its abilities Apex Legends Bloodhound Guide..

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Apex Legends Bloodhound Guide: Pros and Cons

Bloodhound is one of the most powerful skill sets in Apex Legend and don’t convince you in any other way. Their bread and butter skills, Eye Of The Allfather, provide a tremendous amount of battle-changing information about enemy whereabouts and tactics, worth sacrificing the stealth and positioning of your own team. There is. The same is true for their passive trackers. Trackers can give important clues about the enemy’s position and often give an important 1-2 seconds of pre-combat preparation time.

The only real drawback of Bloodhound’s skill set is that Ultimate has so many vehicles. It’s a great starting tool, but it’s Bloodhound’s only possible escape tool and the only one that can have a direct impact on gunplay (increasing movement speed allows you to more effectively strangle and avoid shots). You can. The fact that this is Ultimate means you. Unless you prioritize Ultimate Accelerants, you’ll have to wait for a while between uses.

Overview of Bloodhound’s abilities

Bloodhound’s abilities offer a very different focus and skill set than many other apex legends, revolved around finding and unknowingly hunting down enemies. Let’s take a look at each ability in turn and look at some points to keep in mind when using each.

  • Tracker (passive)
    • The enemy leaves a clue for you to find.
  • All Father’s Eyes (Tactics)
    • Easily reveal enemies, traps, and clues through all the structures in front of you.
  • Beast hunting (ultimate)
    • Transform into the ultimate hunter. Enhances your senses and allows you to watch cold tracks and move faster. Knockdown extends the period.

Passive ability: Tracker

The tracker allows Bloodhound to see the activity of enemy players when standing near a location less than 90 seconds ago. A pop-up will appear here telling you what action was taken and when it was taken. These actions can be anything from footprints to bleeding, loot picking up to lifeline bot deployments.

Here are some tips for Bloodhound Tracker Passive:

  • Let’s tell the team the results of the survey! It’s your job to know them, as they can’t see the clues left by the enemy.
  • Even if you ping a clue, your teammates won’t know how long ago the enemy in question was there, so it’s best to tell yourself by voice or text chat.
  • The clues will be more vibrant red if they are recent. This allows you to quickly determine if an enemy may be within a few meters of your position.

Screenshot of Bloodhound using tactical ability to emphasize enemies through smoke.

Tactical ability: All father’s eyes

Bloodhound’s Tactical, Eye of the Allfather, is a useful ability that can be backfired very easily when not used in the right circumstances. It creates a conical radar pulse that radiates in front of you through walls, terrain, and other obstacles, vividly highlighting nearby enemies, traps, and clues for the duration of the pulse. To do.

Here are some of Allfather’s tactical tips for Bloodhound:

  • All father’s eyes do not radiate in all directions. It’s actually directional and works in the conical area you’re looking for. Therefore, when using Bloodhound’s Tactical, make sure you are facing the right direction.
  • Bloodhound tactics are not a secret ability. The pulse is very easy for the enemy to notice. Therefore, do not use it unless you are ready to sacrifice stealth for knowledge.
  • In some cases, it’s useful to scan for enemies when you’re in defense and trying to recover. In general, enemies become more cautious as they are scanned and prefer to wait for the effect to finish in order to attack. This will buy you valuable seconds to recover.
  • Bloodhound’s Tactical allows you to see enemies through smoke and gas as well as structures. This ability is great when combined with Bangalore smoke canisters or caustic Knox gas. You can see the enemy through the haze, but you can change the direction of the enemy.
  • The Eye of the Allfather highlights all clues within that range, allowing you to clearly see the footprints and enemy directions if you have trouble finding them using only passives.

Screenshots of Apex Legends from the eyes of Bloodhound using Ultimate. Everything is grayscale, except for clues and enemies.

Ultimate Ability: Beast Hunting

Bloodhound’s Ultimate is meant to start a battle, but it can also be released quickly and run safely. Offers a 30% increase in movement speed over duration, grayscale everything (except enemies and trucks highlighted in red). BeastOfTheHunt is a great ability to both start and escape.

This is our Bloodhound’s Top Beast of the Hunt Ultimate Tips:

  • Killing (not killing) an enemy will increase the duration of the Beast of the Hunt by 5 seconds. If you have enough continuous knocks, you can exceed the start time of the ability with continuous kills.
  • It’s generally best to use Ultimate when you’re heading into battle, but it’s also Bloodhound’s only mobility tool, and if you can stay healthy and get out of danger, it’s working well.
  • The movement speed of Apex Legends is the same whether you move forward, backward, or strafing. This means that when Ultimate is activated, Bloodhound can strawfing very quickly to avoid shots.
  • You can see all your enemies, footprints and clues very clearly while you are transforming. And they will be highlighted in a much longer range than your tactical abilities.
  • Similar to their tactics, Bloodhound’s Ultimate actively tracks the position of enemies with highlights.
  • It keeps moving while Ultimate is active. Don’t waste your time aiming or standing still. Make decisive flanking maneuvers, fill gaps and end them while still moving fast.
An early comparison of hitboxes of various Apex Legends characters before Season 1.

Click on the image above to see it in the highest resolution.

Bloodhound Collision Detection and Other Legends

All Apex Legends characters have different sized hitboxes. This is a fact that caused some controversy in the early days of battle royale. Currently, the hitbox size mismatch is being addressed by two additional passives that are shared among several legends.

  • Fortress For larger legends (Caustic and Gibraltar), it provides 15% damage reduction and resistance to slowdowns when hit by bullets.
  • Low profile For small, hard-to-hit legends (Lifeline, Pathfinder, Wraith, Watson), it takes 5% more damage from all sources.

Bloodhound is a candidate for a non-low profile legend with the smallest hitbox, giving it a slight advantage in combat. This is very welcome given that most of their skill sets are used in lead-ups to battles, not during battles.

How to Play Bloodhound – Bloodhound Tips and Strategies

Finally, let’s conclude with more general tips and tricks for winning an Apex Legends match as Bloodhound.

  • Bloodhounds can be played defensively, but they shine when played aggressively. New players may feel reassured that their enemies will deviate from the path they followed within 60 seconds, but Bloodhound’s abilities allow them to take advantage of aggressive playstyles very well. We will work to eliminate the gap and Frank attack. Find out more about aggressive play with Apex Legends Tips.
  • Communicate the findings to the team. Your passive abilities give you insights that no one else on your team has, so it’s your responsibility to communicate your findings by pinging the clues you find. See the Apex Legends Ping / Communication Guide for all the details you can ping.
  • Force your actions to be bold and decisive. Apex Legends are usually dominated by close quarters combat. Sure, you can hit the shot with a sentinel from 300 meters away, but all they need to do is hide and heal. This is Apex Legend and very easy. Bloodhound is a wonderful legend that teaches you to be more decisive in your actions and not to dance or commit to anything around the battle than anyone else.
  • Don’t be afraid to use your abilities during the battle. It’s clear that using tactical abilities isn’t the best idea (for example, when trying to do something sneaky), but using tactics or ultimate takes around a second. That is, it only takes 1 second. – In a harmless way to take advantage of them.
  • Combine Bloodhound and Bangalore and have a good time. A heavenly match, this combo offers a great one-two punch to blow up enemies with smoke and use Bloodhound’s Ultimate to quickly pick up enemies while confused and blind. ..

That’s all that Bloodhound Technical Tracker has so far. For more information and opinions on all characters, see everything you need in the Apex Legends Character Guide.

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Apex Legends Bloodhound guide [Season 7]: abilities, hitbox, tips and tricks

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