Apex Legends dev leaves Respawn after the old blog post is redisplayed

one of Apex Legends Senior developers have left Respawn Entertainment after a previous “racist and sexist” comment on the 2007 blog resurfaced last month. Former lead game designer Daniel Klein confirmed on Twitter that he was fired from the studio on August 6 after apologizing for his comment in another tweet last month.

“You may or may not have seen the terrible, exaggerated thing I said in 2007,” Klein tweeted. “I sincerely agree that the man should have been fired. Since then I have put a lot of energy into becoming a better person, and now I feel it So I’m very depressed [like] I can never make up for who I was. I mentioned racists and sexists not because I believed in one of them deeply, but because I knew I could get a response from people. It doesn’t allow what I said. The influence of my words was the same no matter what I believed. “

Klein also said that he was able to improve as a person thanks to the people around him, and that a recent series of events could serve his purpose if he could help others in similar positions. increase.

“Once again, I’m not saying that EA or Respawn has done anything wrong, for the sake of clarity,” he says. “They were within their right to dismiss me, just as I might disagree with that decision.”

Klein too apology In response to his comment in another series of tweets last month, he said he “fully owns” what was said and wants it to be clear that he no longer believes in them. rice field. Respawn’s Communication Director comment “I don’t think people from 2007 to 2021 reflect anything. People grow.”

I contacted EA and Respawn for comment. I’ll update this story if I get a reply.

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