Apex Legends developers say the seer nerf is coming

Respawn’s Apex Legends team held an AMA on Reddit today to discuss the launch of Season 10 and the new Legend Seer. The community asked a lot of questions about the latest updates and some of the balances they might need, but none came up so often that Seer felt too powerful.

As with last season’s update, the biggest addition to the game is the brand new Legend Sheer. There were multiple questions and answers about Seer, but gameplay engineer Travis Nordin gave the simplest answer.

再生中: エーペックスレジェンドの出現-あなたが知る必要があるすべて

「Seerは強力にローンチしました。これは希望でした。彼はまた、ゲームに多くの新しいゲームプレイ要素(HPバー、割り込み)をもたらし、プレーヤーとの多くの議論を促進しました。これは素晴らしいことです」とNordinは書いています。 「そうは言っても [Seer] Probably a little too strong at the moment [receive] Future patches will update some balances. “

Nordin said players don’t have to wait until the mid-season patch to see the changes made to Seer. Nordin also said that he would not make any fundamental changes to Seer’s kit, except that the flash from Seer’s tactical abilities would be completely removed. Respawn also confirmed that it was considering making some improvements to Wattson, Crypto, and Bangalore in the future, but no time frame was specified. Respawn also said it couldn’t provide updates on when updates for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S will be released.

Respawn also said that at some point in the future the level progress system will be overhauled and the level cap may be raised before that. The developers said it was important to be able to deploy all progress changes at the same time.

Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence has been released with new Legends Seer, new Rampage LMG, and updated World’s Edge map. Also see GameSpot’s guide on how to play the new legendary Seer.

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