Apex Legends grants players 10 free Battle Pass levels in response to player criticism of Season 7 Battle Pass

Multiplayer battle royale shooter Apex Legends Has made some adjustments to the Season 7 Battle Pass over the next few days, including offering 10 free Battle Pass levels to all players.

The change follows fan criticism of the latest season’s Battle Pass, saying that recent system overhauls have made the pass more moody than the previous season and players feel they can’t get much reward. Many people are complaining. In response, Respawn’s Chad Grenier revealed on Reddit AMA that the team will make some changes, and on Twitter, keep the number of stars given the same while keeping the daily challenge difficulty season 6 Revealed to return to level.

The difficulty of the Weekly Challenge is also set to be easier. You will also be given the opportunity to complete the challenge with multiple legends. In addition, all players will be given 10 free BP levels.

Elsewhere in the AMA, players have criticized developer Respawn for not providing enough LTM and additional content this season. Grenier, on the other hand, said, “We also refuse to crunch the team, so it can take longer to create the content than if we worked. It’s a 15-hour day, but we’re happy to do that. It’s not that. To meet the demand for content, we’ve almost doubled the size of our team since its release, so we strive to deliver quality content at a healthy pace. “

Apex Legends Introducing the new legendary Horizon and the new Map Olympus, Season 7 is currently running in the game and is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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