Apex Legends has a new mouse companion, but don’t ask for its name

The mouse easily balances with the robot soldier's sword.

screenshot: Respawn Entertainment

Last week, the people of Respawn Presentation that Titanfall 2 Antagonist Ash Will be the next character to participate Apex Legends A roster with her own adorable mouse companion. What is the name of the mouse? Well, it’s complicated.

Apex Legends Lead Animator Moy Parra I wrote on twitter yesterday His department specifically demanded that the ash rat remain unnamed so that her relationship with the furry rodents could be properly portrayed.

Not like Apex Legends“Other buddies-Bloodhound’s Raven Artur, Lifeline’s DOC Drone, Rampart’s Mobile Minigun Sheila, etc.-The team said Ash’s cold-hearted attitude meant she didn’t have a special affection for mice and grew up. I believed I didn’t want to. I attached myself.

“When I animated this little creature, I decided not to name it internally so that I wouldn’t accidentally start taking care of it. When I came up with Ash’s idea, this bleeded through our work.” Explained Parra. “Yes! Animators are thinking about these things.”

“But Ash’s mice serve an important purpose,” Para added in a follow-up tweet. “I was able to show a bit of humanity from the character without compromising the character itself. Ironically, it’s the mouse that shows the warmer / human side that Ash himself never shows!”

of Titanfall Tradition, Ash was once Dr. Ashley Reed, An elite pilot whose brain is embedded in the robot’s Simulacrum body (think companion) Apex Legends Competitor player Revenant Not an adorable goof ball Pathfinder) After she died in an unfortunate accident. Currently, Ash is working behind a broken spirit, the cold, calculating aspects of Dr. Reed’s mind and struggling to surface the more human aspects of her personality.

Of course, just because Ash doesn’t love mice openly doesn’t mean fans can’t come up with their own name for a little cutie pie. This is a community-based world building that Para is openly encouraging.

“Ash is I never have Cruel to her mice, just neutral, and she certainly didn’t name her, so we didn’t, “Para concludes the Twitter thread. “It was a new challenge for us because we love to show affection to our buddy, but it was refreshing to animate her in this way and stay loyal to Ash in all possible ways. . ”

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