Apex Legends has dropped 37% in popularity since the start of Season 13.

Apex Legends Season 13 Key Art (Photo: EA)

The number of people playing and watching Apex Legends has dropped sharply since last month, and no one knows why.

Publishers rarely announce detailed sales, so it’s rarely easy to determine the popularity of a particular video game, but it’s almost impossible for most online-only titles.

Apex Legends is one of the most popular free games, as far as most people are concerned, but judging by the number of viewers Recently, we have seen a significant decline.

Obviously, Twitch ratings aren’t the ideal way to measure the success of a game, but it’s one of the only ways digital titles are, and how many viewers are very important in a game like Apex Legends.

The average number of simultaneous viewers for Apex Legends in May increased from 92,000 in April to 109,000. Still, in June, that number fell 37% to 69,000.

This represents a reduction in total viewing hours from 81 million hours to 50 million hours, the lowest since December 2021.

Apex Legends Statistics

The numbers are down (Photo: SullyGnome)

It’s not a busy time for the game, but none of the other well-known games have had a big dip, with Call Of Duty: Warzone down 8%, Fortnite down 6%, and Valorant actually up 1.5%.

The current season is currently in its second month, but usually there isn’t a big drop until quite close to the next season. Some fans have blamed changes in how ranked matches work against diminished interest, as some streamers have postponed playing the game, but that’s it. Does not seem to explain.

The total number of Apex Legends streamers has dropped 13% recently, which is important, but still not close to the drop in viewership.

Season 14 begins in August, so we can expect EA to make even more turmoil against it in order to regain players and viewers as the fall moon begins to approach.

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Apex Legends sees 37% drop in popularity after the start of Season 13

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