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It was only a matter of time before the vehicle appeared in Apex Legends, spinning off the Battle Royale of the Titanfall series … but the new season 7 transport mode has no unique legs, no arms or guns. Or AI core. Enter the Trident Hover Car.

The name tells you everything you need to know about this car. The Trident is a three-way spear that hints at Trident’s three seats and can accommodate one driver and two passengers on either side of the vehicle. However, if the spear is a deadly weapon, the Trident is more passive and is tuned by the respawn to play a very special role.

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They describe this as a “rotation tool”, providing a better way for players to quickly move around the map and choose another path to the next ring, dropping it on the edge of the map at the beginning of the map. It relieves part of the pressure. game. That is the only purpose. It can’t be used as an aggressive battering ram because it only floats on people who are about to fall. You can also fire from the side of the vehicle, but you and your team will be bigger targets.

You can shoot at the driver, but if the Trident itself is hit by a bullet, the damage will be evenly distributed to the passengers. In other words, as the Trident team found when they got stuck on their own while floating nearby, blasting it can still feel like it’s doing good damage to its inhabitants. Using Trident really needs to be considered, as there is animation time required to get in and out, not a way to gang rush places.

It’s a vehicle with so many warnings, but it still has its advantages. On top of that, you can support Rampart’s turret, Gibraltar’s shield dome, and even a caustic gas trap (basically for memes, per respawn) to add attack and defense options. Respawn was clearly very cautious about the approach of adding vehicles, looking at how much it could affect the pace, flow and meta of other battle royale games. Oh, and you can only find Trident on the new map.

In Season 7, Olympus will be added to Apex Legends. This is the third map to live with World Edge and Kings Canyon. The map is set in an abandoned floating city, once a luxury paradise, abandoned after the Phase Lift broke a research facility that was part of the map. Characters like Octane and Lifeline are located above the skyscrapers of Bonsai Plaza, with connections to the donkey and revenant, as well as the Reverie Lounge restaurant where the donkey’s parents were murdered.

What’s fascinating is how Respawn builds this and actually gives it an individual visual style. It has a true artificial style, thanks to all the open spaces constructed from polygonal terrain, with slices of grassy green triangles stuck together. Everything contrasts with the rounded, flowing design of the buildings scattered around the map. It’s all very sci-fi and feels very different from the first two maps in the game, but it’s also surprisingly open. You might expect the floating city to be efficient and flat, but there is still a lot of diversity here, with large changes in elevation and the ability to climb and descend hills. at the place. It’s clear that all of this was designed with Trident in mind.

As you can imagine, there are many different places that are easy to identify and become a fan’s favorite drop point. The Bonsai Plaza mentioned above is an example of the luxury of living in Olympus, where you’ll find a docked Arcadia Cruiser where you can bunker down with a defensive legend. To a large destroyed crater. Around it, there are still buildings that can act as intriguing defense points in tense battles.

The rift is also linked to another important way to avoid the map. The phase runner connects three locations. The rift is part of this network, throwing you into a phase dimension similar to Wraith’s little portal. The main difference is that it damages the ring.

Respawn created an Olympus preview because there’s a lot to get used to with new maps and new vehicles. This is a limited-time mode that runs during the first two weeks of Season 7 and is Apex’s first undamaged sandbox mode. Basically, this is a testbed for players to dive in, explore and try. You will have a ring that moves you faster to get through the map faster, and there are 3 rounds with fresh drops to cut out a little matchmaking wait.

It’s also a great way to play with the game’s new legend, Horizon. With a rich Scottish accent, her backstory is linked to the rift and crisis of seeing Olympus abandoned. She sought a solution to the energy crisis trapped in the horizon of the black hole event. 87 years – do you know her name now?

All of this is tied to her abilities. As an astrophysicist and astronaut, her spacesuit gives her increased air control and a softer landing that maintains more momentum compared to other characters. Her tactical ability is a gravity lift. This lifts the player so that he can get out of the lift at any time. This is a decisive difference from the simple jump pads that Octane can throw, but it has the same effect of increasing vertical mobility.

Finally, her ultimate is a mini black hole created by her robot companion, Newt. Similar to Titanfall 2’s Gravity Star, it pulls players in, drags them out of the cover, and potentially exposes them to shooting. The important thing here is balance. People involved in gravity can be dragged out of gravity. Due to the difference in battle royale format, its use and timing are more important. Respawns definitely analyze and fine-tune how black holes are used to make sure they are balanced.

Elsewhere, there are also tweaks to how Battle Pass challenges are highlighted, showing: There is also a new club system that you can create or join to find a small community in the game. Oh, and cross-play will be out of beta in Season 7 as well.

Other ways to team (and across platforms), new heroes, impressive new maps, the first ride of the game, and more. Season 7 – Horizon adds one of the biggest season updates to date to Apex Legends.

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Apex Legends Season 7 turns Olympus into a warzone with hovercars and black holes

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