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Apex Legends tierists offer the best heroes to watch during the latest competitive season of the game. This list is based on ranked play, so you’ll find popular and incredibly powerful heroes. A hero especially valuable for climbing for the majority of players. It also provides details of each hero’s unique playstyle, including class, cost, and type, so you can know how to get the most out of your character. Hover over each hero’s portrait to see all available information.

Since its first release, Apex Legends has steadily become one of the most popular MOBA FPS games on the market. With simple yet balanced gameplay and characters, this is a battle where both casual and professional players can enjoy progress, primarily based on their skills and the familiarity of their favorite characters. It is one of the royal games. There are multiple game modes to check out and a detailed customization system to make the champion unique. Choose your character from a variety of combinations of heroes and fight to become the most terrifying of your heroes through leveling up and gear upgrades. The battles are fast paced, the graphics are lively, very detailed, and the game is updated frequently. Apex Legends is guaranteed to be in the spotlight and engrossed for a long time, as it focuses primarily on one thing: the hero who is at the heart of how the game is played.

Apex Legends is not only very entertaining, but also provides a demanding environment. There is no such thing as the best hero in the game, but building a good team requires focusing on synergies rather than individual hero rankings, so some have their own unique abilities and perks. You have a choice. In addition, the game can make some of them shine more than others, and you can use in-game currency to unlock most of them later in the game, but this determines the right one to master. Add pressure to do.

Apex Legends Tierists aim to guide you in choosing the best hero for your personal playing style to achieve the best gaming experience.

Our ranking

S + layer – Very powerful
S layer – Overwhelmed, these heroes dominate.If you want to win, you will never make the mistake of choosing one of them
Tear – Perfectly balanced, these powerful heroes are a popular choice.Not the best, but choosing them often gives you a slight edge
Layer B – Slightly underpowered, these heroes are average.They won’t give you an edge in the fight, but they won’t hinder you
C layer – Due to lack of power, the use of these heroes is contextual. Some of them are good against certain opponents, but others are simply less efficient than most heroes on the roster.In any case, these heroes are less common
D / E layer – Very underpowered, these heroes are considered the weakest.Consider choosing a different hero unless you have enough experience to use your skill set efficiently.
F layer – Usually useless hero

Heroes Tierist

The Apex Legends tierlist shows you the most popular heroes who can easily clear endgame content. As mentioned earlier, Apex Legends is a team-based game. As such, team synergies, placements and adjustments are components of achieving victory. Therefore, we rank each hero based not only on their individual raw strength and popularity, but also on the value they provide to their team. Heroes that work better with larger groups of teammates are, of course, ranked higher. Due to their effectiveness, the top units are considered to be the best choice for achieving victory, so they can fit into many team configurations, but the bottom units may be viable. But it’s hard to find a team to support them. It’s clear that investing in A-tier heroes makes progress easier and smoother than focusing on lower units.

We frequently update the Apex Legends tierlist to reflect the latest game meta. Keep in mind that the placement of heroes within a particular tier is not important. Heroes are randomly placed within a particular tier and do not indicate that the heroes are better or more popular than other heroes in the same tier. Now let’s dive into the Apex Legends Tier List without any further hassle.

S layer

DetailsType: Synthetic Nightmare, Role: Aggressive, Cost: 12,000LT / 750AC


DetailsType: Interdimensional skirmish, Role: Aggressive, Cost: Free


DetailsType: Technology Tracker, Role: Reconnaissance, Cost: Free


DetailsType: Shield Fortress, Role: Defense, Cost: Free


DetailsType: Toxic Trapper, Role: Defense, Cost: 12,000LT / 750AC

life linelife line

DetailsType: Combat Medic, Role: Support, Cost: Free


DetailsType: Surveillance Expert, Role: Reconnaissance, Cost: 12,000LT / 750AC

Layer B

DetailsType: Fire Base, Role: Defense, Cost: 12,000LT / 750AC


DetailsType: Static Defender, Roll: Defensive, Cost: 12,000LT / 750AC

C layer

DetailsType: Professional Soldier, Role: Aggressive, Cost: Free


DetailsType: Forward Scout, Role: Reconnaissance, Cost: Free

Layer D

DetailsType: Holographic Trickster, Role: Aggressive, Cost: 12,000LT / 750AC


DetailsType: High Speed ​​Daredevil, Role: Attack, Cost: 12,000LT / 750AC

F layer

DetailsType: Thief Movement, Role: Support, Cost: 12,000LT / 750AC

Latest patch notes

The latest patch notes can be found here.

See also the game trailer below.

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Last updated: November 2, 2020

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