Apex Legends turns on Double XP as Battle Pass issues increase

With the introduction of Apex Legends Season 7, a whole new Battle Pass has arrived. This is causing a lot of problems. After widespread complaints from the community that the battle pass was too slow and moody, developer Respawn rolled out a series of fixes. As a result, these quick fixes will cause more problems, and XP will double next week to help fix the problems.

Players have discovered that Battle Pass XP and Stars have been reset with weekly updates. This says Respawn couldn’t have happened. A new update fixes a progress bug and will activate Double XP until next week’s update. This allows you to quickly catch up with lost progress.

“In a perfect world, there’s no need to fix it,” community director Ryan Rigney told Reddit. “But I’m sure it’s the result of a quick push of other BP fixes / changes.” These changes include reducing the experience required for a star and significantly reducing the difficulty of the Battle Pass Challenge. included.

This update also doubles the damage rate of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rings, so you’re looking at a deadly circle later in the game.

For more information on the Battle Royale game, you can follow that link.

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